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In Pictures: How DJ Khaled Got Red Carpet-Ready For The 2022 Oscars

DJ Khaled looked perfectly dapper in his suit for the 2022 Oscars. The manicured music mogul put it quite simply: “If you want me to be honest, [the suit] makes me see what everyone else sees: icon,” says Khaled. The ensemble was custom created by Dolce & Gabbana and Khaled’s longtime fashion creative director of 17 years, Terrell Jones. Of course, getting to icon status isn’t necessarily easy. Roughly seven Milanese tailors were there to make sure that the suit fits Khaled to perfection. “There is a lot of greatness you’re working with,” he said. “Even my belly had a little…they adjusted to my greatness!” Jones adds, “The creative process was amazing; it consisted of everything from fabric selections, custom design work, and master tailors flown all the way in from Italy to make sure the process was seamless and done to perfection.”

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