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Editor’s Letter: Celebrating Saudi’s Contemporary Music Scene and Dubai’s Zen Side in Our Latest Issue

Photo: Abeer Ahmed

Last February, we hosted Hai Vogue in Jeddah, a youth festival that brought fashion, entertainment, and culture to the heart of Al Balad. Music was, in fact, one of the main pillars of this event, with the Vogue stage being taken over by 11 young Saudi performers. Of course we all love iconic names such as Mohammed Abdu and Abdul Majeed Abdullah, but it was an incredible exercise to be immersed in the contemporary music scene of the Kingdom, and discover the new names that are definitely shaking things up. Two of the most brilliant examples are this month’s covers: rapper $kinny and pop sensation Mishaal Tamer.

Personally, my musical taste is a bit bizarre, from classical music to 90s R&B (please don’t ask me what I’m currently listening to, I’m not proud of it!). But in a region where music is such a key element of culture, it’s amazing to witness the diversity of what is being produced, and how Saudi music continues to evolve – as Saudi society naturally also goes forward.

Speaking about evolution, whenever I travel abroad I’m always asked how it is to live in Dubai. The questions are always the same: Is Dubai superficial? Is it all fake? Are people just into shopping and going out? As a reply, I would like to invite all the curious minds to read the article in this season’s issue, focusing on the most zen side of the city. It is a growing trend for dwellers of Dubai to connect to their more spiritual side. Across town, there are new yoga classes, ice baths, breathwork and energy healing sessions, and a vast number of activities and hubs for people who believe in mens sana in corpore sano, a sound mind in a sound body. While I consider myself a pragmatic man, after reading this feature I feel tempted to try some of these experiences. It also made me think that maybe in life we can be more than one type of person… I will still go out, shop, and enjoy Dubai, but also connect to my inner self. I hope you do the same.

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