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Richard Mille and Ferrari Come Together to Create This Ultra-Flat Timepiece

Photo: Courtesy of Richard Mille

Post 6000 hours of development, laboratory testing and dozens of prototypes, Richard Mille, in collaboration with Ferrari, launched the RM-UP 01 ultra-flat timepiece. Yet another milestone for both brands, the new model is the ultimate example of modern aesthetics married with style and strength.

At just 1.75 millimeters thickness, the RM-UP 01 Ferrari is the epitome of technical prowess, with style and design being an inherent quality of the model. Dexterously created, the ultra-flat watch is a perfect harmony between movement and case, each ensuring the necessary rigidity of the other. Featuring manual-winding movement with hours, minutes, and function selector paired with a capacity of withstanding accelerations of more than 5,000 g’s, the timepiece boasts a thickness of 1.18 millimeters, a weight of 2.87 grams, and a power reserve of 45 hours.

Photo: Courtesy of Richard Mille

To corroborate the ideal functioning of the wristwatch, the baseplate and skeletonized bridges are composed of grade five titanium, guaranteeing perfect flatness without compromising on strength. The extra flat barrel, which is patented, is skillfully fitted using a fine hairspring and the composition of the escapement was completely redesigned, along with other changes such as the guard pin being eliminated and the index being replaced with a variable-inertia balance, also made in titanium, among other modifications. “Even in the realm of extreme flatness, we were determined to make a watch that met the same validation requirements as all our other models. In this quest for absolute flatness, we had to offer a watch that, far from being a ‘concept watch’, was up to the task of following a wearer’s daily life, whatever the circumstances,” says Salvador Arbona, technical director for movements at Richard Mille.

Photo: Courtesy of Richard Mille

Although separating from the brand’s traditional aesthetics, the model still stays true to the identity and soul of the timeless watch. Replete with technical mastery, creativity, and a stylish resilience of its own, the scrupulously crafted timepiece is elite in its own way. Keeping in line with the standards of the Italian automotive legend and Richard Mille, the new RM-UP 01 Ferrari is every watch enthusiast’s dream realized.

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