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Virgil Abloh’s Collection for Ikea Combines Functionality with Fashion

Founder of streetwear brand Off-White and Creative Director of Louis Vuitton Virgil Abloh collaborated with Ikea’s design team to release a brand new 15 piece collection called ‘Markerad’.  The entire line comprises of regular things like table, chair, cabinet, bed textiles, rug, wall clock, mirror, and other accessories. The collection is aimed at students and homeowners moving into their first-ever home. Abloh also made sure to align this collection with Ikea’s universal concept of keeping it reasonable, useful for quite a while, and high on quality.

Virgil Abhol’s forthright little slogans are all over the collection, which incorporates a wall clock enhanced with the word ‘Temporary’, a rug that peruses ‘Wet Grass’ and there’s another rug which takes after an Ikea receipt among others.

Abloh said, “I want each item to bring people a sense of pride, and I want great design to be the biggest reason why you get it. It’s about elevating the anonymous, everyday icons that we use without noticing. This collaboration has been the most rigorous of any design project I’ve done.” Creative leader for Ikea, Henrik Most added, “Virgil takes modern design into a contemporary context. By interpreting history and tradition in his own unique way, he creates design which very much appeals to our time.”

In celebration of Abloh‘s famous utilization of quotation marks throughout his work, Ikea stuck to this same pattern by topping its striking yellow logo in immense quotes during the release day. The adjusted sign was on the facade of the Ikea store in Wembley, London.

This weekend, customers queued up early in the morning at Ikea stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi – the only two walk-in stores where Markerad is available in the UAE, to be the first ones to shop the new collection. 

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