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Lionel Messi Sports the Saudi Shemagh for Local Brand’s Campaign

Legendary footballer Lionel Messi just wore the Saudi shemagh in a local clothing brand’s campaign.

lionel messi saudi shemagh

Photo: Courtesy of Sayyar

After appearing in a tourism advertisement for Saudi Arabia, Lionel Messi has gone one step further in embracing the country’s culture by sporting a shemagh for a local clothing label. The legendary Argentinian footballer recently appeared in a photo shoot for a Saudi Arabian brand named Sayyar, which sees him wearing the traditional headdress, also known as a shemagh. A short clip posted to the brand’s Instagram account features various angles of Messi dressed in a crisp white thobe and brown slippers, as he looks in the mirror to fix his red and white patterned shemagh. “Wear a ‘Signature R’ shemagh, the same as Goat,” reads the caption, referring to Messi’s fan-appointed nickname which means ‘Greatest Of All Time’.


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Messi’s link to Saudi Arabia dates back to 2022, when he was appointed the tourism ambassador for the Kingdom. Since then, the sportsman has visited the country on multiple occasions with his wife Antonella, and their two children. More recently, Messi starred in a video that aims to challenge the misconceptions about the Kingdom as he kicks a football to break down walls that read “just a desert”, “closed culture”, “not much happening”, and “girls can’t”, before urging travelers to “go beyond what you think and visit Saudi.”


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The video features Saudi landscapes like the Red Sea, Aseer’s green mountains, Tabuk’s snow-covered terrain, Jeddah’s coastal city, and the capital of Riyadh, alongside attractions like the Diriyah E-Prix, Riyadh Season’s theme park, AlUla’s hot air balloon flights, and MDL Beast music events, as well remarkable women including racer Dania Akeel, DJ Cosmicat, and Rayyanah Barnawi, the first Saudi woman in space, and Saudi Women’s National football team.

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