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Are These the 10 Most Stylish Men of Our Time?

From Hollywood A-listers to Arab stars, we hand-pick some of the most stylish men of our time.

David Beckham

Beckham’s style journey has not been without its clangers. He has learned along the road that to complement his rugged good looks, a consistent thread of class and a dash of panache would go a long way. By choosing a route and sticking to it, he has undisputedly cemented his status as one of the most distinguished style icons of our time. Whether rocking a wax jacket, Hunter wellies, and flat cap while walking in the country with his equally stylish family or turning it up on the red carpet in a razor-sharp Ralph Lauren suit, he knows what works.

Harry Styles

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From being styled in a boy band to morphing into a modern fashion icon, Styles now certainly lives up to his namesake. Media-savvy, he knows that a trip out to grab a coffee can turn into a fashion moment with a simple click, so he has mastered the art of the ‘walk of shame’ street style consisting of a helping of grubby neo rock with a splash of Americana. Now a male muse for huge brands such as Gucci, his style has become much more adventurous, eccentric even, but that’s what fashion is for and we applaud him for embracing it.

Rami Malek

Rami Malek

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With an exceptional knack for marrying impeccably-fitting tailoring with luxe basics, interspersed with everyday essentials, if you need a reference for the notoriously difficult to nail ‘smart casual’ rule – Malek is your man. With a staggering array of stand-out jackets to mix with the basics, he quickly established himself as one to watch on and off the screen.

George Clooney

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The king of the suit, we wonder if he sleeps in one? If not, his pajamas must certainly be tailored. With a knack for re-inventing that classic Italian style that he has adopted as his own, he can make even the plainest pair of chinos look cool with the help of a polo and linen blazer. The speedboat on a Lake Como backdrop certainly helps, too. With one of the most arresting black-tie records in Hollywood, and by being married to one of the most sophisticated women on earth, the man can’t put a stylish (shiny brogue adorned) foot wrong.

Kanye West

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We have to hand it to Kayne. He’s not just a style icon – he’s the arbiter of an entire style sub-culture. He is one of the most prolifically stylish men of our time, who single-handedly changed the game simply because he refused to accept the norms of what was being pushed in mainstream fashion narratives. He bucked every trend by creating his own. His own line Yeezy paralyzed the sneaker game and is one of the most successful independent fashion labels of our time, which he has never let the world forget.

Mena Massoud

Egyptian-Canadian Massoud has a unique indie-style take on athleisure and is not shy of the odd accessory. With the confidence to rock out his own style from Coachella to the biggest celebrity events, and never one to take his style too seriously, he also likes to roll out his signature smile which works for all occasions.

Tom Hardy

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Hardy is someone who knows how to match his looks with an equally masculine wardrobe. A sucker for leather, the biker in Hardy is prevalent. On-screen and in costume he can pull off any period style moment (let’s talk about Taboo?) and off-screen can arrest any red carpet with a sharp hair cut and sharper suit to boot.

Tamer Hosny

Arab mega-star Hosny has influenced many young men in the region with his consciously casual approach to every day. Comfort is king when off stage, but the performer can also turn out razor-sharp on the red carpet or on stage.


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Drake defined a generation by making loungewear socially acceptable — not that he cared about being socially accepted. Being that famous meant he could show up anywhere any time in a hoody, woolen beanie and desert boots and be lauded for it. The true definition of casual “swag”, sweatpants in every Pantone should, in theory, get boring but on him, they just don’t and just won’t. The bunker-load of attitude certainly helps.

Pharrell Williams

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Pharrell has brought an intellectualism to street style like fewer before him and that’s why he’ll forever be cemented in the style hall of fame. Combining sporty elements with high fashion (think Adidas V’s Westwood), his considered-yet-quirky, purposeful-yet-playful vibe is always surprising and joyful — the intention of fashion that has been forgotten by some.

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