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Exclusive: Lebanese Designer Nemer Saadé on Creating His First Ever Thobe Collection

Courtesy of Nemer Saadé

Lebanese designer Nemer Saadé is expanding his menswear line with a new collection of thobes. Combining traditional and streetwear elements, the collection titled Thob is Saadé’s way of revolutionizing the garment while staying true to the Arba heritage and his signature.

We caught up with the designer to learn more about the collection.

Courtesy of Nemer Saadé

Where did you find inspiration for this collection?

The Arab world is a vast sea of inspiration. However, I was mainly inspired by the five cities from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Neom, Al Ula, Al Asir, Al Ahsa, and Al Muhtah. The NS Thob is an interaction with the Arab youth as it combines classic styles with simple cuts and high quality in addition to sporty and casual thobe styles to fit the booming streetwear culture.

Courtesy of Nemer Saadé

How would you describe your work and your influences in this collection?

We are very excited to introduce our vision of the thobes with a contemporary yet grounded foresight. It is our vision of 2030 for the thobe; the production of a new era, redefining and grasping the feel of what’s to come; how to style the kandura in an advanced world yet to take place.

Courtesy of Nemer Saadé

What sparked your interest in the thobe?

It has been more than a decade that I have been working and designing for people that are originally from the GCC and others that have been based for quite some time in the Middle East. I studied this culture for years. I thought I should address myself by presenting another aspect of the kandura where you are able to customize — a sort of a statement twist that seems so cool and wearable at the same time.

Courtesy of Nemer Saadé

How do you want men to feel when wearing your designs?

I always think that when a man wears Nemer Saadé, he ultimately feels confident, proud, strong, and focused. He has to feel good and this is what we provide: A sense of luxury, sharp cuts, and exquisite finishing — it is an entire experience. He is spending on an item he is aware of the time and the care that was given to the garment; with so much precision to fit him perfectly and designed especially for his taste. The uniqueness and customization of what we offer are to really empower the client.

Courtesy of Nemer Saadé

What is next for Nemer Saadé?

The Thob collection came about from the requests I received to do this type of collection and since I have been doing this privately for my clients, I decided to move ahead with it. I was surprised by everyone’s feedback when they mentioned how they have been waiting for so long for a thobe collection. So, hopefully, it is just a start and it will take us further. The more men we approach and connect with, the more we will push our creations to the next level and broaden the horizons of our brand.

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Creative director: Nour Nsouli, Nader Moussally
Photography: Nader Moussally
Styling and art direction: Rim Choucair
Styling assistants: Nour Nsouli, Michel Issa
Models: Georges Samaha, George Jbeily, Michel Issa
Grooming: Arpi Atoyan Saade
Hair: Mahmoud Ballout

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