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Pharrell Williams Stars on the Cover of Vogue Man Arabia’s Spring/Summer 2022 Issue


Pharrell Williams. Vogue Man Arabia, Spring/Summer 2022. Photo: Mous Lamrabat

The Spring/Summer 2022 issue of Vogue Man Arabia is here. And this time, the cover star is a Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, producer, artist, author, restaurateur, hotelier, philanthropist, and, most recently, beauty brand founder, with more than 13 million followers on Instagram. In March 2022, Pharrell Williams paid a visit to the UAE to take part in the Richard Mille Art Prize, presenting a US $50 000 award to Bahraini-American artist Nasser Alzayani. During his time here, Williams took over this season’s cover, shot by Mous Lamrabat in Louvre Abu Dhabi. “It’s beautiful being able to walk around in someone else’s epiphany. The country’s ambition and intention are all in this building,” the cover star says about the experience. In our pages, you’ll see Williams embracing a curation of global and local brands, including Dubai-based Zaid Farouki and Saudi designer Noora Hefzi, and even sporting a kandoura, paying homage to the region through his effortless style.

The Saudi Cup. Vogue Man Arabia, Spring/Summer 2022

The issue also takes a look inside the Saudi Cup, one of the most valuable horse races in the world with prize money totaling USD $31.5 million – and a major key to unlocking the wealth of culture and sports in the Kingdom. Chaired by HRH Prince Bandar bin Khalid Al Faisal, the Saudi Cup produced its third renewal this year, with 21 countries from five continents participating. “Horse racing is a noble sport, a sport for kings, so to speak,” HRH Prince Bandar notes. “Combined with lifestyle, it is exciting for horse lovers who feel connected to them and who admire their beauty.” The prince’s own love of horses began as a young boy. “My earliest memory of horse riding is from back in the late 70s,” he reminisces. “My father used to race horses in Abha; we were active in horse racing back then.”

Husein Alireza. Vogue Man Arabia, Spring/Summer 2022. Photo: Danny Lowe

In another exclusive feature, 28-year-old Husein Alireza, who made global headlines when he became the first Saudi rower to compete in the Olympics, talks about the sacrifices and challenges he faced through his journey, and how his efforts finally paid off. “I’m super proud, and what I’m happiest about is that the Kingdom now has a new sport to invest in,” he shares in the latest issue.

Bassem Youssef. Vogue Man Arabia, Spring/Summer 2022. Photo: Amina Zaher

Also in this issue, from heart surgeon to comedian, Egyptian-born Bassem Youssef has always aimed to improve lives. This month, he opens up about his career switch, and shares his insights about society’s tendency to stereotype professions. “We like to take the path that is praised by society. All my life, I went through these set rules of what it meant to be successful,” he says in an eye-opening conversation. “My motivation was to change people’s lives and create a movement to better people’s health. To create entertaining content, without pushing them, without preaching.”

Sir Mo Farah. Vogue Man Arabia, Spring/Summer 2022

Furthermore, this month, we get to know Sir Mo Farah like never before. Behind the smashed records and gold medals, the “Mobot” and the knighthood, he carried a deep sadness – a twin brother left behind in his homeland. As the brothers reunite in a new documentary, the Somali-British athlete reflects on heartbreak and success. “There were times when I thought I was never going to see him again,” Farah remembers. “That moment I got off the plane in Djibouti and saw him, I will never forget. We had lived, and still live, two different lives. But we still have that same bond and that same connection.”

All this and more in the Spring/Summer 2022 issue of Vogue Man Arabia, on stands April 1.

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