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Samuel Ross Tells The Journey Of A-COLD-WALL* So Far


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From a spare room in Croydon to 180 The Strand, Samuel Ross has documented the journey of his brand, A-COLD-WALL*, in a new book, entitled Phase One – Archive Book. The 248-page catalogue of large-format images depicts the brand through the lenses of various photographers from its inception as an art project in 2015 to its current-day position as an LVMH finalist with over 100 international stockists.

“The idea of an archive book stemmed from showcasing the unspoken side of building an independent brand that started off as a niche idea and became a viable fashion narrative,” Ross tells Vogue UK. “Itʼs beginning to feel like a marker, the perfect time to showcase our journey.”

From shots inside various studios – his current team of 16 graduated from London’s Croydon to Dalston before their current address on The Strand – to video stills and lookbook images that have been artfully placed or spliced into abstract shapes, Phase One is a visual diary of the A-COLD-WALL* family. “The shared spirit of un-compromised design and story-telling” is why his team is his proudest achievement so far.

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