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12 Sleek Sandals to Match Your New Thobe

ÁlvaroBy now, we assume you own at least two or three thobes. A well-cut thobe is a necessary feature in a wardrobe. That is, of course, if you opt for the right one and know how to style it.

The thobe comes in many styles: short sleeved (mostly seen in Tunisia and Morocco), embroidered (mostly seen in Saudi Arabia), and the mother of all thobes: the white, satin basic — one which is mostly seen in the Gulf. The trick, it seems, is to invest in a high-quality fabric with a beautiful fall — this is the soul of the thobe. But that’s not all.

Top off the look with the right sunglasses, an impeccable watch, and the right pair of sandals. From brown, leather Bottega Veneta slides to black, leather traditional mules, the ones that we picked out for you will upgrade your thobe shoe game.

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