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Don’t Throw Out That Old Pair of Shoes… Read This First.

The Cobbler Dubai

The Cobbler Dubai

Look at the back of your wardrobe and you’ll find them. That old, worn out pair of boots or shoes that have seen better days. They went with every outfit. But these days they look more suited to the rubbish dump than the high street.

But before you consign them to the bin, there is another option; restoring them to their former glory.

Morgan Papin, master cobbler, at The Cobbler, explains how you can breathe new life into your old shoes and why repairing really is caring.

The idea of repairing and caring for a pair of shoes, and not just throwing them away, must seem odd to people these days. What has been people’s reaction to the services The Cobbler offers?
The common reaction we get from our customers is “a cobbler, at last!” We find that there is a strong emotional attachment between people and their shoes. Your high-quality shoes are worth looking after and with proper care will keep their good looks for many years.

What kinds/types of shoes do people bring to The Cobbler?
People bring to us any type of shoes – leather/smart shoes for heel replacement, sneakers for cleaning, sandals for dyeing the leather. Customers also bring high-end bags for repair and dyeing.

Why is it important to look after a pair of shoes, instead of simply replacing them? How long can you keep repairing a pair before they finally have to be replaced?
There is no rule, it all depends on how people take care of their items. Every shoe requires special attention, with proper care you can keep their good looks for many years. We advise our customers to use shoe trees to protect the leather, shoe-horns to protect the shoes from stretching and damaged stitching, never wear their shoes twice in a row and polish their shoes at least once every two weeks. Some items are limited edition and cannot be found on the market, for these kind of unique products, it is important to give them special care.

The Cobbler Dubai

The Cobbler

People will often have a suit tailor-made, but forget about the shoes. What are the benefits to having a pair of shoes handmade?
Our bespoke shoes are perfectly fitted; their quality makes them timeless and everlasting. In a fashion world where luxury sometimes appears to become a commodity, bespoke shoes are the ultimate high-end gift for the distinguished gentleman.

How many fittings does it take to make pair of bespoke shoes? What options does The Cobbler offer?
It takes approximately six months to produce a bespoke pair of shoes. We aim at giving a unique and exclusive experience to our bespoke customers. In fact, our shoemaker master is the only contact person from the first meeting to delivery. It all starts with a face to face dialogue to discuss and share their ideas; our master cobbler listens carefully to the client’s wishes before making any suggestion. It is entirely handmade and our master cobbler dedicates 60 hours to making a pair of shoes.

The old saying goes, “you can tell a gentleman by his shoes”. With today’s casual fashions, is there still an importance in wearing smart, polished shoes? 
One can understand a lot by looking at a man’s shoes – they can make or break an outfit. In business, there are rules you just can’t break, especially when it comes the etiquette and shoes are part of it. A pair of shoes is the most important investment a gentleman should make in his closet. Even if you buy the best suit, if you have bad, scuffed and unpolished shoes, your entire outfit won’t stand out. Nice shoes give you confidence and it defines who you are – shoes are fully part of a gentleman’s look.

For more information, visit The Cobbler online.

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