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The Oliver Sweeney Shoes Ideal for Secret Agents

Oliver Sweeney secret shoes

Oliver Sweeney secret shoes.

Shoemaker Oliver Sweeney has created a bespoke set of dress shoes that come with secret compartments to hide a variety of items.

Each pair can be filled with up to six items — three per shoe — and you can select from 12 thing that include: the world’s smallest phone, a tiny video camera, a mini Swiss army knife, a tracking device, a choice of currency capsule (£50; €50; or $50); and the world’s most advanced contactless payment ring. The shoes can also accommodate a spare house key.

Oliver Sweeney secret shoes

The wearer just lifts up a small tab near the heel to reveal a secret compartment…


Oliver Sweeney secret shoes

…and your items are housed under the sole, each in their own little specifically-shaped space.

Oliver Sweeney secret shoes

In addition, the laces are made from Kevlar and can function as a saw, so if you find yourself zip-tied, at least you’ll have a fighting chance of escape. You also get to choose what details are inscribed on the leather sole, perhaps your blood type or a set of GPS coordinates.

If there are other small specific items that you wanted to conceal in the shoe, then the shoemakers can arrange for that. While it’s unlikely that you’ll ever need to use them on an actual secret mission, they are ideal for everyday emergencies, such as losing your wallet, house key or phone.

The bespoke shoes are made to order and handcrafted in Italy from wild red deer sourced from Scottish Estates. Each hide is hand selected by Oliver Sweeney’s Cobbler-in-Chief and vegetable tanned in small batches for a unique finish. Each hide reflects the wild existence of the deer through the nicks and scratches, meaning no two are ever the same.

They are available in black, brown and tan, and appointments can be made online.

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