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6 Style Takeaways from Harry Styles’ Golden Video

harry styles, golden

A still from Harry Styles’ latest music video, Golden.

What would a Harry Styles music video be without a few fashion takeaways? On October 26, the star released a new visual accompaniment to his latest single, Golden, and as expected, there’s much to unpack, sartorially speaking.

The looks — conceived by his long-time stylist Harry Lambert — are bookended with Gucci pieces reworked to suit the Golden aesthetic. Gone are the ruffles of the evocative Falling video, and Styles’ ’70s-inspired Watermelon Sugar wardrobe. In their place are softer, subtler pieces befitting the video’s Amalfi Coast backdrop. It sees Styles running along a scenic coastline, driving a vintage convertible and plunging into a pool, and the overall feel is timeless. This could be the ’50s (very Don’t Worry, Darling), or just another day in Styles’ 2020 wardrobe.

Here, Vogue breaks down the style notes to take from Harry’s latest video.

Jewelry is better bespoke

With his “H” and “S” Gucci rings now a constant on Styles’ left hand, we know that he enjoys personalized jewelry. In Golden styles switches between a set of necklaces by Eliou spelling out the title of his single, and a string of pearls. Since the video was filmed, Styles has been spotted taking his Eliou beads out for a spin, and the necklace has now been renamed the “Harry” in homage. Those eager to copy can pre-order their own customized style from around US$ 84.

Harry wears a hat from The Costume Studio and an Eliou necklace.

Steven Stokey-Daley is now one to watch

Styles has always made space in his wardrobe for emerging designers alongside Saint Laurent and Gucci. Harris Reed, Daniel Fletcher, Emily Bode and Charles Jeffrey have all had their designs thrust into the spotlight with a little help from HS. And the next talent to experience the musician’s golden touch is Steven Stokey-Daley. This Liverpool-born, London-based designer lent several pieces from his conscious graduate collection to Styles’ Golden wardrobe. In the video, Styles wears a billowing white shirt from his final University of Westminster collection, and Stokey-Daley is behind the floral trousers Styles wears in the single artwork. “BRB I’m crying now,” the designer captioned an Instagram post of Harry wearing his pieces, adding his thanks to Styles Lambert for “everything”.

Harry Styles, "Golden"

Harry wears a Steven Stokey-Daley shirt.

What’s a spin without a suitable driving glove?

Whether you long ago passed your test or you’re still in possession of a provisional license, Styles has just anointed your must-have accessory of the season: a driving glove. Styles’ bow-adorned crochet pair come courtesy of Gucci. Her Majesty would approve.

Harry Styles, "Golden"

Harry takes a spin in a pair of Gucci driving gloves.

Nothing beats a well-loved pair of Vans

Styles’ styling team has the pick of the latest in designer footwear, but opted to include a beaten up pair of Vans in the Golden video. We know Styles likes these in his downtime, so it’s about time he brought his favorite trainers into the spotlight. Plus, they’re much more practical than Mary-Janes for those mountain runs.

Harry Styles, "Golden"

Harry Styles in his favorite Vans.

The lockdown hair

While we all know that Styles recently cut his hair, those who were a fan of the lockdown lengths can now watch the Golden video on a loop to keep Styles’ curls fresh in their memory. Floppy-haired Styles is hard to beat.

Harry Styles hasn’t given up on tailoring

While the overriding aesthetic of the video is about louche separates and printed Bode shorts, Styles hasn’t abandoned his signature Gucci tailoring altogether. The musician continues his stellar run in the Italian house’s suits in a turquoise blazer and tartan flares against a blazing sunset backdrop. Bravo.

Harry Styles, "Golden"

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