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6 Styling Tricks to Take from Miuccia Prada & Raf Simons’ First Joint Menswear Show

Courtesy of Prada

“For me, the game of clothes is a fantastic game,” said Miuccia Prada after her first collaborative menswear collection with Raf Simons. While in conversation with students from around the world, fashion’s foremost creative double act discussed the mysterious power of long johns (yes, thermals are entering the Prada-verse for fall/winter 2021), clothing as a tool to show personality, and why Mrs Prada never judges anyone by the way they dress.

Here, six styling pointers to borrow.

Long johns: change your opinion now

Courtesy of Prada

Knitted thermals in zany colourways and borderline psychedelic patterns laid the foundation of each Prada menswear model’s fall/winter 2021 look. But while Simons and Mrs Prada praised the uniformity of silhouette the long johns gave the collection, the pair also liked the myriad styling possibilities presented by such a simple item of clothing. Consider thermals the new fashion building block (of course Simons’s signature lightweight polo-neck made several appearances, too).

Prepare to wear a lot of purple

Courtesy of Prada

From the Sesame Street-purple backdrop of the set to Mrs Prada’s amethyst pendant framed by strings of pearls, a preoccupation with purple was evident. Pair with soft lilacs, blues and pinks, or unexpected pops of sunshine yellow. No shrinking violets need apply.

Consider gloves the new status symbol

Courtesy of Prada

Hybrid bags were big news at the spring/summer 2021 womenswear show, but for guys, the glove-wallet is set to streamline the day-to-day of Prada fans. Colour-pop hand-warmers with credit-card pouches punctuated sensible winter coats, offering hands-free ease. Imagine the satisfaction of tapping your way into the London Underground with a flash of a Prada triangular plaque. We’re sold.

Go your own way

Courtesy of Prada

Mrs Prada only ever examines how someone is dressed when it inspires her, and that confidence comes from within. Knowing yourself is not easy, she admits, but it is fundamental for life. Clothes, accordingly, are there to service an individual and express their way of thinking, not to define them. The message: don’t let that new bag preoccupy your thoughts. You’re better than that.

Roll up your sleeves

Courtesy of Prada

Hike your jumper and jacket sleeves up to above your biceps for instant Pradafication. Bonus points if your underlayer is as peppy as those aforementioned long johns.

How snazzy is your coat lining?

Courtesy of Prada

The tactility of garments was a key focus, during a time when human touch is scarce. To amp up the cosiness of coats, Team Prada lined outerwear with sensual geometric jacquards. Even if no one else is privy to these electrifying prints, a coat inner is now the most discreetly luxurious mood booster on the market. Prepare for a snug and smug winter ahead.

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