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Watches On Screen: The Alsta Nautoscaph II

Alsta Nautoscaph II

Alsta Nautoscaph II in Jaws.

More commonly referred to as the Jaws watch. Over the years this one has built up a bit of a following and been the cause of a lot of “what’s that watch?” conversations, after being worn by Richard Dreyfuss’ character Matt Hooper in the classic 1975 film.

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Unavailable for decades, the Alsta watch company was resurrected in 2014, and announced that their first watch from the new company was going to be the Alsta Nautoscaph II. It is an updated version of the original diver’s watch and now features German and Swiss case components and a Japanese automatic movement.

Powered by a Seiko-made NH35A automatic movement (so it never needs a battery) and sports Super-LumiNova hands and dial markers for easy night-sight, subtle date function, and a vintage-inspired domed crystal housed in a stainless-steel case.

Just as the original was, the Nautsoscaph II is shock-resistant, anti-magnetic, and water-resistant up to 999 feet, so you can actually wear it while doing some shark diving of your own.

Somewhat annoyingly they are changed the strap from the one you can see in the pic work by Dreyfuss. It’s always a bit disappointing when something great gets a re-release but it’s not the same as the original and in this case the strap on the original was pretty cool. But re-releasing archive models and updating them is a bit of a trend in the watch industry right now.

If you wanted to get the original strap then it’s called a Speidel Mach 1 bracelet and there are some available right now on eBay and watch collector websites so you could track one down pretty easily.

Here’s to swimin’ with bow legged women…

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