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Bremont Endurance – The Limited-Edition Explorers’ Watch

Bremont Endurance

Bremont Endurance.

They’ve long been one of the most interesting watch brands on the market with releases that have incorporated pieces of the Enigma machine and another that includes parts from Lord Nelson’s flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Largely though, they just make lovely watches that are designed to be fit-for-purpose – and in this case, the most severe places on earth.

This new one was created in conjunction with polar explorer Ben Saunders who worked on the testing and development of a new watch for his latest Trans-Antarctic solo expedition.

Bremont Endurance

Named in honor of Shackleton’s most famous expedition – which saw him rescue his entire crew after his ship Endurance was crushed in the sea ice – the route of which Ben was retracing solo. The name is also a nod to the Bremont maxim of being ‘Tested Beyond Endurance’.

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The new Bremont Endurance set out him in November 2017 to make the first solo and unsupported crossing of Antarctica. This west-to-east traverse from Berkner Island to the Ross Ice Shelf via the South Pole and the Shackleton Glacier.

The watch had to be able to withstand the extreme climate conditions of the Antarctic continent, being worn on the outside of Ben’s jacket to serve as a crucial navigational device with its GMT hand. The black dial together with its bi-directional rotating sapphire bezel features orange compass heading markers, complementing the North indicator on the GMT hand, all designed for ease of navigation and clarity against the stark white of Antarctica.

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Having previously already tried and tested the Bremont Terra Nova watch while walking 1,800 miles across Antarctica, to the South Pole and back, Saunders was keen to be involved in as much of the design process as possible, insisting on titanium again for its obvious lightweight advantages.

Bremont Endurance

There’s something far more satisfying about a watch that carries a story, or has something interesting about it beyond the complications inside and the visual design. Bremont does this well pretty much every time.

Only being made in a limited run of 300 pieces, the Endurance features new contemporary styling on the applied indexes and comes on an orange NATO strap.

Bremont Endurance

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