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It’s About Time: Richard Mille x Alain Prost

Richard Mille 70-01

Richard Mille 70-01 watch.

Richard Mille 70-01 is a watch you should know about.

Mille knows performances watches — and Alain Prost knows a thing or two about the importance of keeping track of speed, distance, and performance. The four-time Formula 1 World Champion and co-founder of the Renault e.dams team has lived his life trying to beat the clock.

Although he has now swapped four wheels for two, his passion for technical perfection has seen Prost team up with watchmaker Richard Mille to help cyclists overcome a common problem. After discussions with Prost and other riders, the brand came to the conclusion that cyclists struggle to keep track of the distances they cover in a season.

The solution is the new RM70-01 calibre tourbillon. Featuring a state of the art odometer, the watch clearly and accurately displays the overall distance traveled by the wearer.

Richard Mille 70-01

Richard Mille 70-01

The pusher at 2 o’clock can select any of the five rollers of the odometer. Once selected, pressing the pusher at 10 o’clock advances the roller by one. The only effort required by the user is to add the day’s distance to their overall total.

With a 70-hour power-reserve, visible at 5 o’clock, the manual winding RM70-01 features a baseplate and bridges in grade-five titanium. Subtle design nods to the sport of cycling include the titanium Allen screws that fix the bridges and the barrel ratchet, which recalls the design of wheel spokes, while the tourbillon cage and dynamometric crown are inspired by a bike’s pedal.

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The RM70-01’s unique lines not only ensure it is comfortable to wear, but the face is also designed to be completely visible while the wearer is holding on to handlebars.

The watch is limited to just 30 pieces, and anyone who buys it will also receive a bespoke road cycle as a gift. Developed by Richard Mille in partnership with Italian bike maker Colnago, these individually numbered bicycles are made by hand and painted in the watch brand’s colors.

Richard Mille 70-01

Richard Mille 70-01


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