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It’s Back! TAG Heuer Autavia Gets a Limited Edition Release

TAG Heuer Autavia

TAG Heuer Autavia

Jack Heuer turns 85 this month and to mark the occasion, TAG Heuer is launching a limited edition reworking of the famous Autavia watch.

The story of the watch goes back to 1933 whenTAG Heuer designed the first dash counter for racing cars and aircraft: the Autavia chronograph. The name was a contraction of automobile and aviation and it would go on to be one of their most influential pieces.

Three decades later, in 1962, Jack Heuer, the fourth-generation head of the company, created his first wrist sports chronograph with its innovative signature – a rotating bezel. The designed was based on that original dash counter.


TAG Heuer Autavia

TAG Heuer Autavia

The wristwatch was soon made famous by racing drivers in the 1960s and it became a staple of the brand. Models of the Autavia have become sought after in recent years, having being taken out of the manufacturer’s catalogue in 1986.

This new reissue, limited to 1932 pieces – in reference to the year of Jack’s birth – has been designed by Heuer himself. The timepiece is both modern and faithful to its roots, capturing the spirit of that golden age of motor racing.

Larger than its ancestor — 42 mm in diameter compared to 39 in the 1960s — with a 12-hour graduated bezel and a new Heuer-02 caliber proprietary chronograph movement, the latest generation Autavia carries the DNA and aesthetic codes of the original, updated for today’s market.

TAG Heuer Autavia

Jack Heuer

Jack Heuer said of the new release: “The story of the Autavia is a rich drama, full of twists and turns. It is one of my proudest achievements to have successfully converted chronographs into the Autavia wristwatch in 1962, so this collection has a special place in my heart: It was the very first timepiece that I designed, and today I am proud to present the last watch that I have created.”

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