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Younes Bendjima’s Guide to Los Angeles

Younes Bendjima

Younes Bendjima

Heading to the city of Angles? Then follow in the footsteps of Younes Bendjima

For Younes Bendjima – Algerian model, boxer, partner of Kourtney Kardashian – Los Angeles is home, and a love for food is ingrained. The 24-year-old grew up in Lyon, France where his father ran a traditional Algerian restaurant; summers were spent with his mother. At age 17, he went to America with US $300 in his pocket and was soon scouted by a modeling agency. After a brief stint as a boxer, he began modeling for Hermès, Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Berluti, and more. Here are his top spots to eat, shop, and experience Angeleno culture.


1. For All To Envy

For All To Envy, Los angeles, LA city guide

For All To Envy

“Specialists in vintage clothing from the 1990s as well as its in-house brand. A curated assortment of sports, hip hop, and pop culture graces the racks – Jay-Z, Michael Jordan, Stone Cold, and Jerry Seinfeld all in the same room. You never know what you’ll find. That’s the beauty of it.

2. Acne Downtown

Acne studios

Acne studios

“Acne is one of my top five fashion brands and this place is probably the coolest store in the area.”

3. Maxfield

“For me, this is the number-one designer store for men and women’s clothing in the city. There’s a huge range of brands on offer, from new Gucci to Guns N’ Roses T-shirts, and they also stock jewelry, books, and gifts.”

4. What Goes Around Comes Around

“An authentic luxury store that takes vintage to the next level. If you need sick pieces like vintage Levi’s, classic Alaïa, Comme des Garçons, or Céline, then this is the place to get them. It started in New York but now has five branches, including this one in Beverly Hills.”

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1. Bestia Los Angeles

“Every time I eat there is an experience, that’s why I usually bring friends with me. I always try to sit by the chef’s bar so I can see it all happen. Everything from the pizza to the fish and the roasted marrow bone with spinach gnocchetti is the best you will find. But make sure you book your table weeks before because the demand is crazy.”

2. Chateau Marmont

“If Château was a woman, I would probably fall in love with her… The ambience of this place is incomparable. It has an Old Hollywood vibe. You can grab a drink inside, sit by the fireplace and listen to Sade on vinyl, or step outside to the courtyard and feel like you’re in the south of France.”

3. Zinqué

“The spot I go to the most in LA, for lunch, dinner, or even just to sit outside on the charming terrace, have a green tea, and read. I usually get the The Bowl with ahi tuna and a fresh lemonade. It’s French food so it feels like home.”

4. La Tropezienne Bakery

“If you’re in the mood for the best croissant and pain au chocolat, this is the right place. Every time I walk in, it reminds me of Paris – the pastries are freshly made by the French chef in the early morning. Make sure you get the Tropezienne pastry and thank me later.

The pastry

5. Sqirl

“A funky place in Silver Lake, where all the hipsters link up. It is my escape from the glamour of Hollywood. Modest and simple, try the brioche French toast – it comes with homemade marmalade – and the sorrel pesto rice bowls with a poached egg. The line is often long at this tiny restaurant but the food is worth the wait.”

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1. The Getty

“Well-known for its architecture, beautiful gardens, and views overlooking Los Angeles. It houses more classic artworks – Vincent Van Gogh’s Irises being my favorite. It’s really inspiring to see this family’s collection, which includes antiquities, drawings, paintings and photographs.”

2. The arts district

The arts district

“A newly renovated area – it used to be a gritty industrial and commercial neighborhood – on the eastern edge of Downtown Los Angeles that’s bringing a lot of up-and-coming young creatives together with galleries, street art, and events.”

3. The Broad

“The home of some of my favorite modern artworks, from Roy Lichtenstein’s Interior with African Mask (1991) to many of Jean-Michel Basquiat’s pieces. There’s a Jasper Johns exhibition on until May 13.”

4. Malibu Beach at sunset

Malibu Beach at sunset

“You really can’t describe this magic moment. Just drive on the Pacific Coast Highway all the way to Malibu, then park on the side of the road at sunset… and succumb to the charm of Malibu looking like a Picasso painting.”

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