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7 Must Have Moisturizers for Keeping Your Skin Healthy Whilst Fasting

The weather is heating up and Ramadan is just around the corner. For many, this means your skin is feeling a little lackluster. From sun exposure to air conditioning, and fasting now is the time to get serious about skincare and moisturizers. Keeping your dermis hydrated is of the utmost importance. With the skin losing moisture due to the lack of hydration during the day, layering on creams can help keep it looking healthy. Don’t forget that it also creates a barrier, which protects you from premature aging.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Although the male skin is thicker than females, meaning it is less susceptible to harmful rays from the sun, most men frequently shave. This can cause skin sensitivity. Opt for formulas that include soothing ingredients like shea butter, vitamin C, and eucalyptus. For those looking for a simple routine, look for moisturizers that also include anti-aging elements and always remember to apply SPF.

Lead image: Versace Spring 2018, Indigital

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