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The Best Hair Clippers for Staying Sharp in Self-Isolation

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Most of us are used to regular visits to the barbers, but since the trusty chair is temporarily off-limits we suggest investing in a decent pair of clippers. But before you get lost down the DIY grooming rabbit hole, there are a few things to consider to make sure you find the best fit for you;

Power: This will depend on how thick your hair is and on how much intense trimming you intend to do, but overall high power is good. Some models are much quieter than others too so if this is a factor make sure to check. Low battery power can be frustrating if you get caught out and need to recharge halfway through a buzz cut so do check charging time on cordless models.

Budget: Clippers vary vastly in price and can set you back anywhere between AED 150 – AED 1500. This is one product where you usually get what you pay for so choose a brand that won’t break the bank but also won’t break after a few uses. See this as an investment and your trusted clipper should see you through years of good hairstyles.

Versatility: Before making your selection give a bit of thought as to what you’ll be using your clippers for. Just beard? Mainly head? Or both? You may not need the kitchen sink of attachments but having an adjustable blade and comb options is sensible.

Blades: The blade will make or break a cut so make sure it’s of a good standard. Top tip: most blades are self-sharpening on clippers but double-check to be sure.

Size matters: If space is at a premium in your pad before purchasing, consider size and number of attachments which will impact storage.

So now that you are prepped, here are our top recommendations for this trusty tool:

Best professional cut: Andis Master Hair Clipper

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Image courtesy of Amazon

Andis is the king of clipper brands. You’ll be forgiven for being struck by the price, but, here the quality truly does reflect the price tag. You will never need to purchase another clipper ever again if you go there. This is for life. With a chunky body and incredible power and range, everything about this clipper is so satisfying. A bonus is that after just one hour on mains charging will give you 90 minutes of flawless cordless use. The steel head is easily adjustable depending on if you’re doing all over coarse work or detailed trimming. He won’t let you down and will be the envy of all of your home-clipping mates.
AED 657; available at

Best for neat and tidy: Andis Cordless T-blade clipper

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Image courtesy of Amazon

Going back to thinking in advance about what you need to use your clipper for brings us to this little number. If you are a regular trimmer and used to getting rid of unruly, wandering hair and light stubble then this is the one for you. It does regular, precision use expertly well. Again, from the Andis range, so quality comes as standard.
AED 415; available at 

Best budget buy: Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit

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This kit will appear on every clipper recommendation rundown as it’s just too good to leave off. The color-coded guide combs and keys make matching your cut to the correct comb, setting, and style super easy and even a little bit novel.  It’s clipping by numbers and you really can’t go wrong. If you’re not used to cutting your own hair, this is a good starter kit that will have you cutting confidently in no time.
AED 180; available at

Best for buzz cuts: Kibiy Electric Shaver

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Image courtesy of Amazon

If you are thinking that self-isolation is all about keeping things simple then maybe you’ll consider a buzz cut all over. At least you don’t have to think about styling and will look super neat on those video conference calls. Or if you’re already a little light in the hair department and like to keep your top maintained smooth and smart, then this piece of kit is a perfect choice. The easy-to-use rotary shaver follows the contours of your head and even works in the shower if you prefer a wet shave. It holds a 2-hour charge and cuts super close to the skin without breaking through which means no nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs.
AED 145; available at

Best all-rounder:  Oster Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

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Image courtesy of Amazon

This affordable and quality clipper set is a safe and sound bet in the grooming stakes. With an adjustable blade that allows you to quickly change the length of cut from very close to medium length, it provides fast and accurate cutting. It has a fast feed adjustable clipper, blade guard and 4 guide combs. It also features a pivot motor which provides enough power to cut through wet hair. Bonus round: it comes with an Oster eight-piece comb set, blade oil and a cleaning brush to boot.
AED 330; available at 

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