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Dior Announces Saint Levant As Fragrance Ambassador With Gris Dior

With its Gris Dior fragrance, fashion house Dior presents the olfactory expression of gray, a color that embodies the spirit of Christian Dior himself. Along with this unisex eau de parfum, Dior has also announced Saint Levant as the region’s first fragrance ambassador, an artist who encapsulates the true diversity of the Middle East.

While the 22-year-old currently resides in Los Angeles, his Arab heritage is an integral part of his music, which fuses English, Arabic, and French to present a distinctive take on contemporary music. Saint Levant was born in Jerusalem to a French-Algerian mother and a Palestinian-Serbian father, who was raised as a child of the Palestinian diaspora between Gaza and Oman. His first EP, From Gaza, With Love, embodies this very multicultural identity which makes him the ideal choice for the first Dior Fragrance Ambassador for the Middle East.

Photo: Courtesy of Dior

“I’m super honored and humbled to be Ambassador, we manifested this,” the musician told Vogue Man Arabia while also sharing Gris Dior special for him. Much like his Palestinian heritage guides him in making contemporary music, Gris Dior is an intense fragrance that blends tradition and modernity to present something as multifaceted as the musician himself.

There is also the fact that this encounter between floral and woody notes that shapes the outline of an iconic chypre trail can be adapted to suit the wearer’s own rules, a quality that Saint Levant can certainly agree with considering his commitment to making his own path in life. He remarks, “I feel like Gris Dior is for everyone, things that are made for everyone are beautiful.”

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