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DSquared2’s Latest Fragrances Have an Unlikely Canada Connect

Dean and Dan Caten. Supplied

Dean and Dan Caten, the creative minds behind Dsquared2, have always viewed fragrance as an extension of the personality. This is no less true with their latest release, Wood, a fragrance duo for men and women. Both the fragrances are inspired by the “unique and inimitable” characteristics of wood. To know more, we sat down with the men behind it all.

Courtesy of DSquared2

What was the inspiration behind the latest Wood fragrances?
The latest Wood fragrances by Dsquared2 are our new starting point in the fragrance field together with EuroItalia. The idea was to tell a story – our story, ready to be dressed up and emphasized. We come from Canada and woods, for us, mean happiness. They are always linked to positive emotions.

Wood for man and Wood for woman are a modern and innovative interpretation of these very special raw materials. They exalt the characteristics of wood – strong and sturdy – to define the contemporary Dsquared2 man and woman: sensual and confident in themselves and their personalities.

Would you say that fragrance is an extension or expression of individual personality?
Fragrance is a sensory experience that says everything about a person and its personality. It is the most distinctive and intimate element because it makes a person recognizable and different in a non-descript way. We love to think about our fragrance as a special accessory that is personal and that defines Dsquared2 style and character.

How would you describe the personality of a woman and man who choose Wood?
The Dsquared2 Wood-man dares, is self-confident, focused on details, and is never predictable — like us! The Dsquared2 Wood-woman has a great personality, is charming and feminine, gentle and strong, glamorous and edgy.

People often see their fragrance as an accessory, something to be displayed. Was this an important factor for you when designing the bottles?
Fragrances express the brand’s values in an intangible way – through emotions. Bottle design is the first approach that customers have with them. That’s why bottle design is very important and has to be eye-catching.

We love clean silhouettes and for this reason the Wood bottle is linear, made of glass – burnished for men and clear for women – without forgetting to put unique craftsmanship: the exclusive crafting of the bottom allows glass to spread into a curve, which creates a new element inside the bottle – a tear-drop shape – like an ampoule to hold the fragrances; caps are made of the highest quality ash which is created piece by piece and feature a magnetic closure. The flocked packaging is elegant and tactile. The maple leaf on caps and packaging is the unmistakable symbol of Dsquared2, a guarantee of quality, research and innovation.

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