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Mission Mustache: Why Now Might Be the Time to Embrace the Look


Ali Mostafa. Image: Getty

Facial hair comes and goes, but is the mustache here to stay?

Goodbye, wild facial hair and hello, sharp mustache. Forgo the likes of Vince Vaughn’s unruly handlebar or Justin Bieber’s sprouting rendition. Instead, cue veterans Omar Sharif and Tom Selleck. Their mustaches are perfectly groomed, lustrous, and, most of all, iconic.

Originally published in the Fall/Winter 2018 issue of Vogue Man Arabia

“A mustache is a powerful and bold style choice for a man,” says Leith Matthews, managing partner at Akin Barber & Shop in Dubai. The key to its decades of success? “A mustache can suit any man if he has the confidence and charisma to pull it off,” he says. It’s all about refined elegance, with Ali Mostafa, Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Gosling, and Henry Cavill all opting for a ’stache instead of a full beard. “The mustache is a very masculine look and will suit most men who take time with their appearance, as it needs to be well maintained,” notes Harry Lynn of Dubai’s Chaps & Co barbershop.

But growing facial hair is not necessarily an easy feat. “Be realistic about the time it will take to grow,” says Lynn. It will differ from man to man, with Matthews adding, “Everyone has unique facial hair in this area, from thick and bushy to more fine and delicate.”

Top Tips for Mustache Maintenance

1. Growing: There are three options for developing a stache: Growing a beard then removing all facial hair except the mustache; keeping a clean-shaven face as it fills out, or going for sculpted stubble, with the upper lip area more prominent.

2. Styling: “Once a mustache grows to a certain length, you’ll need a special comb to give slight direction to the hair,” says Matthews. “A good quality wax or balm is also used to give subtle, natural hold.”

3. Upkeep: Don’t trim your mustache yourself – visit your barber every 10-14 days. You should also look after the skin underneath. “Shampoo and condition your ’stache and use moisturizer on the area around it,” Lynn advises.

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