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Facial Harmonization: A Vogue Man Staffer Puts His Jaw on the Line to Test Trending Treatments

More men are trying out facial harmonization as a low-risk way to discover a more masculine version of themselves. Vogue Man puts a staffer’s jaw on the line to test the trending treatments.

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Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Prince Charming, Buzz Lightyear – they all share something in common. Besides being entirely fictional, they are each kitted out with a jawline so sharp it could cut kanafa, and a heavily squared-off chin that could double as a paperweight. A story-telling trope to show at a single glance just how uber masculine each of these hero archetypes are, an iron jawline is instant proof of manliness. Crossing back to reality, a strong jaw and sharp profile are also the defining feature of many a leading man including Brad Pitt, Tamer Hosny, Henry Cavill, and Rami Malek. For those not as naturally blessed, there’s now also the option of a DIY jawline, thanks to a growing interest in injectable treatments for men. While women have long known the benefits to a few milliliters of well-placed filler or Botox, treatments have not had similar mainstream popularity for men. However, regional experts say this is changing, with more men interested in what their doctor can do to resolve their insecurities – especially if able to be done without detection. Facial harmonization refers to using clinical treatments to add definition, shape, and volume to create a more masculine appearance. With a combination of injectables and next-gen treatments, the techniques form a relatively simple way to carve out a jawline, lift lax skin, and enhance your favorite features by adding extra volume, without the downtime or more obvious changes associated with surgery.

Dr Dany Kayle, founder of Dr Kayle Aesthetic Clinic based in Dubai, says that the number of men seeking facial harmonization is steadily growing. “Approximately 35 percent of our patients are male, and this number is increasing each year, due to the awareness of the importance of your appearance in daily life, especially as conference calls and social media presence is increasing,” he says. In the name of research, one of Vogue Man’s team members investigated potential treatments. “I’m turning 40 in a month, and I’ve never had anything ‘done’ to my face,” he says. “I haven’t tried them as I feared not recognizing myself, that the treatment would completely change how I look. I’ve seen many people go over the top with injections and surgery in their search for perfection. But when I heard about facial harmonization, I found myself thinking about how I’d look with some of my features enhanced – a more chiseled jaw and a stronger chin.” Intrigued by his research, he booked in to be assessed by Dr Kayle.

Injectables and other non-surgical interventions used for facial harmonization can be as understated or as bold as the client likes. “There are also those who have facial asymmetry, weak definition in their facial structure, or are unhappy with how they are aging with loss of fat and volume, and the appearance of jowls,” says Dr Kayle. To subtly boost facial asymmetry, men should consider adding volume to their cheeks, relaxing one-sided wrinkles with Botox, and addressing an uneven facial shape with filler. However, for those wanting a more traditionally masculine appearance, adding definition to key features will make a bigger impact. Dr Kayle suggests using fillers to reshape a soft or weak jawline into a stronger and more pronounced shape to help define the face. Filler can also be added to the bridge of the nose – known as the surgery-free nose job – to smooth the shape. Dr Kayle says depending on the area, there’s two main options for filler, with hyaluronic acid lasting for six to eight months. “If fat is used to fill the desired area, then it can last much longer, up to two years. In some cases, 30 percent of fat will remain permanently,” he explains. “Fat is the Rolls Royce of fillers as it is the patient’s own product so there is no adverse reaction, the longevity of results means that it is cost effective, and the results are more natural.”

“At my consultation, I told the doctor that I was interested in filler to create a stronger jawline,” shares the Vogue contributor. “He listened to me before giving his professional opinion on what would actually work for me, and explained how the face works in harmony, with each muscle and its function needing to be balanced as a whole.” Concluding that he didn’t need to directly inject his jawline to get the results he wanted, the physician instead recommended four 2.5 milliliter doses of hyaluronic acid – two into the chin, centered on the bone then massaged outwards; and one for each upper cheekbone. The combination immediately added volume to the face’s high points, delivering a strong contrast along facial contours. “The doctor was completely right, my face seemed to look sharper and more masculine, without a thing being done to my jaw. It was much easier than I thought.” The end results are seen about a week after treatment, with a brief follow-up to ensure he was happy with his results. “Every morning I look in the mirror and it looks like I’ve slept 20 days – it’s very satisfying. It hasn’t changed any of my expressions, just enhanced what I already have so I look refreshed, and yes, more masculine.”

The Vogue staffer says he’s now more open to trying other treatments. “I realized that the reason I had been worried about trying fillers is because good work is so subtle that I hadn’t noticed when friends have had a little something themselves,” he adds. “It’s like your own face, but the best version of it.”

Originally published in the Spring/Sumer 2023 issue of Vogue Man Arabia

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