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Heaven Scent: The Very Best Home Fragrances to Add to Your Interiors Now

Nowadays, there’s a seemingly never-ending amount of candles on the market. A vast land of scented options, with the possibility of perfectly perfuming your home or leave it with a compromising odor. Though there are a few tips for shopping for home fragrances, the most obvious are the most crucial. Go with what you love, but make sure that you can bear it for a few hours at a time and it isn’t too weak or strong. Also, you might fancy the idea of buying a candle that smells like your favorite perfume, but think twice, as it might lose its luster with all that inhaling.

We’ve assembled a list to put your nose in the right direction of home fragrance. For the very best in candles, room sprays and more for your whiff enjoyment, scroll through the gallery above.

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