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Best Summer Fragrances To Boost Your Lockdown Mood







Just because you’re on lockdown doesn’t mean you should stop making an effort with yourself. Now, we’re not suggesting you continue to wear your work suit and tie around the house – what you wear for your weekly team Zoom calls is up to you, at least your boss won’t see your Superman slippers – but we are saying resist the urge to go full-on feral. Experts suggest keeping a self-care routine and making an effort with your appearance can help raise spirits. And what’s the easiest and quickest way to spruce yourself up? With a spritz of cologne. “Research has shown that certain scents can change your mind-set and promote specific behavior,” says cognitive psychologist Dr Pamela Dalton. With scents having the power to totally transform your mindset, there’s no better time to invest in some men’s summer fragrances. Click through the gallery for some of our top picks.

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