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Bookmark This: The Modern Man’s Health and Grooming Guide


From luxe gyms to shampoos that treat baldness, there’s a male self-care revolution going on.

The Gym

Where: Vision Tower, Business Bay
Ideal for: A hardcore workout
The gurus: Hud and Maxine Russell
Best feature” The incredible team
Price” From AED1 300 per month

The Gym’s Hud and Maxine Russell

The Gym’s Hud and Maxine Russell

With the “get in, get out” mentality fading, high-end gyms are steadily replacing the workout spaces in apartment towers. Cue TheGym–the place to go if you want a hardcore training session in a luxurious setting. “We wanted a five-star gym where clients could get the best of the best, including the quality of training and interiors, says Hud Russell, trainer at and owner of The Gym.

This extravagant workout space features 65 state-of-the-art strength and cardio machines, custom-made for The Gym. It includes treadmills and stair-lifts, all with built-in interactive entertainment, as well as Hammer Strength machines, strategically positioned depending on what areas of the body you are working out. The bathrooms haven’t been skimped on either. They feature warm massaging rain showers, with marble worktops and vanity tables housing every accouterment you could possibly want – fluffy towels, L’Occitane products, toothbrushes, razors, and hair-dryers. And a workout at The Gym is not complete without a visit to the Muscle Bar, where you can enjoy a customized shake or healthy snack.

What sets The Gym apart is its belief in no gimmicks – one size does not fit all. This might just be the coolest place to workout in Dubai.

Euromed Clinic Centre 

Where: Umm Suqeim 1, Jumeirah
Ideal for: A lifestyle overhaul
The guru: Dr Hoda Makkawi
Best feature: The bespoke diet plan
Price: From AED2 500

Dr Hoda Makkawi

Dr Hoda Makkawi

Food intolerances are often regarded as a fashionable fad, but if you regularly experience bloating, digestion discomfort, skin issues, and a sluggish mood, then it might be time to check in on your dietary triggers. At Euromed Clinic, Dr Hoda Makkawi (above) performs the FoodScan 113 food intolerance test, a simple blood test that analyses your reactions to 113 foods. This helps to identify any intolerance by pinpointing the ingredients your body reacts to. With more than 18 years experience, Dr Hoda will also navigate you through your test results and prepare a new diet plan to set you on your way to good health. The differences can be life changing.

Harklinikken Clinic

Where: Jumeira 2
Ideal for: Treating or preventing baldness
The guru: Lars Skjøth
Best feature: Affordable, personalized hair regrowth plan
Price: Consultation from AED580 and treatment from AED448

Harklinikken Clinic’s extensive range of hair and scalp treatments

Harklinikken Clinic’s extensive range of hair and scalp treatments

If you’re not ready to channel your inner Jason Statham just yet – not to mention comb-overs, badly fitting toupees, or telltale transplants – head to the Harklinikken Clinic. Founded 26 years ago by Danish trichologist Lars Skjøth (right), this specialized hair regrowth clinic offers a revolutionary and painless hair regrowth treatment. After an initial consultation to assess your scalp and hair, the clinic custom-creates its signature hair extract, along with shampoo and conditioner. Daily application and maintenance are paramount, with most clients seeing impressive results within three to four months.

Apa Aesthetic Dental & Cosmetic Centre 

Where: Umm Suqeim 2, Jumeirah
Ideal for: A smile makeover
The guru: Dr Michael Apa
Best feature: The super slick clinic
Price” Starting from AED13 000 up to AED370 000

Dr Michael Apa

Dr Michael Apa

With selfie culture showing no signs of abating and HD cameras getting sharper, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about investing in your smile… The pressure to have a super white and straight set of teeth is intense. Meet Dr Michael Apa, an award-winning dentist who is regarded as a pioneer in cosmetic dentistry. He opened his full-service Dubai dentistry clinic in 2016, where he and his team approach each smile with an innovative eye, aiming to redesign it to suit your face. With his client list including celebrities, presidents, and royalty, you’ve definitely seen some of his famous smiles.

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