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6 of the Best Pieces of Fitness Equipment That Won’t Take Over Your Home

As more of us take our workouts inside, we round up the best fitness equipment that won’t take over your entire house.

JAXJOX Kettlebell Connect

The Russian doll of kettle bells, this is a space-saving genius. One chunky unit that offers a six-in-one adjustable kettlebell weight all locked up inside the same bell. The opposite to its counterpart the ‘dumb’bell – this is the smartest way to have all of your bells at home without having them take up your entire floor – lined up like eager foot soldiers. Although the shape is rather clunkier than a conventional kettlebell, it won’t take long to get used to. This is a fair trade-off since it’s this design that allows the tech to work, as inside the housing is a ‘bullet’ stacking system that will reset the weight as you select. Top tip is to download the app that comes with it to get the most out of its functions and pair with fellow users to create a group workout. Charge him at the mains overnight for up to 14 hours of power life.

AED 1,100; available at

New Image FITT Cube

Step, twist, jump, grip, repeat – one neat box and you’re off. With the capability of offering a whole-body workout, the FITT Cube is like the Rubix cube of fitness gear, and boy is it challenging. Flip it to various modes to target different areas of fitness and work on up to 100 different exercises (we’re sure you can even invent some of your own) to work different muscle groups, and the neat dimensions mean it’s super easy to store and stack.

AED 474; available at Ebay

Crossrope Weighted Jump Rope

Playlist at the ready and then it’s time to make like Rocky Balboa. These good looking adjustable jump ropes are perfect for a home workout. With the option to adjust the resistance levels according to your routine, switching difficulty levels is much smoother. When you’re done hang them on the back of a door until the re-match.

AED 856, available on Amazon 

Wahoo Kickr

If you’re already a keen cyclist you can bring the track indoors with a small enhancement to your beloved bike. The Wahoo KICKR indoor trainer is the silent flywheel attachment that means you have all the power, speed and accuracy that you’ve come to love about getting on your bike, inside. It uses new algorithms to improve responsiveness and better replicate the sensation of riding on the road meaning you will have the same experience you feel on your favorite outdoor rides. With over 2,200 watts of resistance and incredibly stable design, it’s built to withstand even the most intense forces dished out by the most powerful cyclists. The top tip is to team your Kickr up with the Zwift app to join a community of tens of thousands of cyclists on a selection of tracks and rides around the world. No excuses for not racking up those KM’s now.

AED 4,400; available at

Sklz Weighted Vest Pro

A growing favorite with the indoor workout crowd, this adds variable resistance to your training without restricting movement and compromising technique. With equal weight distribution (of up to 20 lbs.) and flexible weights, unlike other weighted vests out there, this one actually moves with you. The size is versatile with straps that are easily adjustable to accommodate larger athletes. The victory lap here that this vest has the ability to convert into a sandbag, making it even more useful for weightlifting and resistance workouts. When you’re done simply hang it up and pop it alongside your conventional coats and vests.

AED 745; available on Amazon

Skyland Handleless Treadmill

Even the most generous of living spaces will struggle to comfortably accommodate a full-sized treadmill, so this is a cool little alternative. As our FitBits keep reminding us, the step-count is lagging somewhat during self-isolation – so this will make you and your device happy. The quirky handless belt in its novel mobile phone design is the latest in-home treadmill tech. Intelligent speed control, auto belt correction and super shock system bring it pretty close to the real thing. Its super-slick also which means once you hit your step target, it can be slid under your bed until tomorrow’s session. Nice.

AED 13,390; available on Amazon

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