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Angel Syrup, Dubai’s Latest Streetwear Label

The bright lights of a fairground, the red-hued walls of a Chinese restaurant, and the dusty, sand-covered expanses between the city’s skyscrapers are locations chosen by three friends to shoot a video for their startup fashion label, Angel Syrup. The video, which showcases the label’s latest T-shirts, jumps between underground car parks, grocery stores, and stairwells. But what it lacks in glamour, it makes up with style.

Launched in January this year, Angel Syrup hopes to tap into the growing youth fashion culture in Dubai by making clothes that are both appealing and affordable. 

We target the community in the UAE from young teens to whoever is into the fashion scene — but mostly middle class youth that wants to wear branded streetwear but can’t afford it,” said Dhan Corpuz, 19, who started the label along with Tarik Abdelelah, 21, and Justin Uy, 22. All three are born and raised in Dubai.

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Although new to the scene, Corpuz explains that the label has big plans. “Our plans for the future are to launch our website, start shipping worldwide, reach out to media, and involving the community in our projects, such as local artists, producers, and other clothing brands.”

For more information, visit their Instagram.

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