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A First-of-its-kind Luxury Vault Has Launched in the UAE

818 Vault

Courtesy of 818 Vault

A new luxury vault facility is open for business in the UAE with a serious hi-spec service. Like something straight out of a James Bond movie, 818 Vault offers stylish, slick, and luxury storage solutions for safeguarding the valuables of the UAE’s elite.

Located within the Almas Tower in JLT, the facility prides itself on high-security, high-tech, and ultimate privacy to offer clients a unique standard of service and peace of mind for their most valuable and beloved belongings.

818 Vault

Vikram Jethwani. Courtesy of 818 Vault

Founded by certified Graduate Gemologist and third-generation jeweler Vikram Jethwani, who himself is a renowned and qualified specialist within the fine jewelry world and a long-standing resident of the UAE, the service aims to push the boundaries for the specialist safekeeping needs of the luxury market.

“As the first-of-its-kind safe deposit facility where clients can store valuables in the comfort and convenience of a luxury high-security vault, we are incredibly delighted by the positive reaction and feedback from our clients so far, and are excited to hopefully be bringing 818 Vault to more locations across the UAE and beyond in the future. We will always ensure to retain the highest levels of service and the latest security technology to bring an unparalleled luxury and exclusive experience for our clients,” says 818 Vault founder Vikram Jethwani.

The vault itself stores valuables within an impressive, state-of-the-art, and opulent viewing chamber. The design of the vault is next level, too. With luxurious yet understated interiors the facility boasts an elegant jeweler’s table, tasteful mirrors, and plush seating within the impressive vault space, which allows select clients to view and arrange their valuables in complete privacy, comfort, and security.

818 Vault

Courtesy of 818 Vault

Appointments to enter the vault are privately conducted, made in advance, and strictly limited to current clients only, to respect both confidentiality and comfort. Opening hours go beyond other bank-managed safety deposit facilities too, of course, attending to convenient, quick, and hassle-free entry and exit, ideal for swift deposits or collections when on a tight schedule.

Equipped with the latest security tech, each unit is controlled by a secure dual locking mechanism, accessed with two unique key profiles. This ensures that no two keys can ever be identical. Smart. For increased security, the dual-lock system is replaced on each safety deposit locker every time the locker is assigned to a new client.

The storage aficionados also offer other services to accommodate clients’ varying needs, including extended safe access hours, emergency calls for lockers as well as those specifically related to jewelry care and maintenance, such as professional appraisals, polishing, cleaning, and repairing.

This really is a storage service that sets itself apart as a brand by understanding its clientele and market – one which is certainly niche, but also absolutely necessary in this part of the world.

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