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Apple WWDC 2024: The Biggest Updates Coming to Your Devices

Tech enthusiast or not, Apple’s new updates are awaited by everyone. Here’s everything Apple announced at its latest Worldwide Developer Conference or WWDC 2024.

apple wwdc

Photo: Apple

Apple Intelligence

AI is officially coming to your iPhones and other Apple devices as the company introduces its plans to integrate a new generative AI system named Apple Intelligence into its operating systems. Available for iOS and iPad 18 as well as macOS Sequoia, Apple Intelligence will help users with everything from writing and proofreading text to creative custom emojis via prompts. Siri, too, will work with the new technology to help with summarizing articles, virtual assistance with scheduling, and even filling out online forms using data from a picture of an ID.


Aiming to make fitness tracking more efficient, the new WatchOS11 is introducing an activity load feature that lets users rate their own workout efforts, allowing the software to fine-tune its recommendations. A new Vitals app will also monitor your health and alert you if the data is abnormal alongside a possible explanation for the same.


Alongside new seasons of popular series like Palm Royale, Fly Me To The Moon and Pachinko announced at Apple WWDC 2024, the streaming service’s new feature Apple InSight will let users view cast and trivia information while watching series and films.


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MacOS Sequoia

The new computer software from Apple will offer iPhone Mirroring, which means users can take full control of their mobile phones from their Macs. This includes using the keyboard to type on your phone without even holding it, and swiping across the screen by only using your trackpad.

Apps locking

With iOS 18, users will be able to individually lock down applications, as well as hide them in secure folders, with access allowed only via FaceID.

AirPods Pro gestures

Allowing users to respond to texts without lifting up their phones, the new update to Airpods Pro will now receive gestures such as head nods.

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