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Renault Racing Has Created the Most Stylish Teapot You’ve Ever Seen

Renault yellow teapots

Renault yellow teapot.

To mark 40 years in Formula One, and just ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix this weekend, Renault has created has created 40 limited-edition “Yellow Teapots”.

The teapots are a nod to how the introduction of revolutionary technologies by Renault incurred technical difficulties and reliability problems – as high-end Formula One engineering tends to encounter. Ken Tyrrell, the boss of the team, famously yelled out the nickname “Yellow Teapot” after seeing the RS10 smoking as it passed in front of his garage. The expression was adopted by members of his team, and soon by other teams in the paddock. The RS01 was thereafter nicknamed ‘The Yellow Teapot’.

Renault yellow teapots

Jean-Pierre Jabouille driving a Renault RS01 in 1977. (Photo by: GP Library/UIG via Getty Images)

The teapots even go as far as using the official Renault Formula One paint and plays on the design, graphics and colors with the famous yellow, black and white.

Renault decided to enter Formula One in the mid-1970s and took part in their first race in 1977. Entry into Formula One allowed Renault to introduce advance engine technology to the sport and use a turbo-compressed engine, which had never been achieved in Formula One before. A few years later, the turbo was used by the other racing teams, and today, modern Formula One cars are equipped with the technology which Renault was first to bring to the race series.

They celebrated its first Formula One victory in 1979, at the Grand Prix de France in Dijon with the RS10 driven by Jean-Pierre Jabouille and have been a fixture on the Formula One scene ever since.

The teapots will equip the kitchens of the Atelier Renault restaurant on the Champs-Elysées but of you fancied one for your kitchen then they are available to purchase from Atelier Renault online.

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