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You Can Own a Pearl-Coated Aston Martin (Well, 15 of You)

Aston Martin Vanquish S Pearl Edition

Aston Martin Vanquish S Pearl Edition

The limited-edition, pearl-coated Aston Martin Vanquish S.

Launched largely because of our region’s historical association with the pearl industry, Aston Martin will be applying this finish to just 15 cars and it’s only available in the Middle East.

Marek Reichman, EVP and Chief Creative Officer, who oversees the dedicated Q by Aston Martin team, said: “The Vanquish S Pearl Edition is an extremely special car. It is a chance for us to demonstrate our skilled application of exotic materials as well as the Q by Aston Martin team’s attention to detail.”

There are lots of details throughout. Most prominently, the Aston Martin wings on the front and rear of the car are inlaid with iridescent panels of delicate mother of pearl. The same material is also carefully incorporated within the car’s interior, including down the center of the waterfall-style central console, on the dashboard rotary switches, sill plaque, and sterling silver fender badge.

aston martin pearl

The central console buckle badge has mother of pearl inlaid into an area measuring just 27 mm2 area and two millimeters deep, highlighting the detail on the Pearl Edition logo. Every piece of pearl in the car was carefully selected, cut, shaped, and hand-polished using the same methods developed over centuries for crafting jewelry and other fine objects.

These are offset by a pale leather interior, with hides hand-selected from traditional tanneries in Ireland and the UK and perforated with a “Snowflake” pattern.

The iridescent theme is continued through to the copper tan metallic leather detailing and the pearlescent Q by Aston Martin platinum white paint finish, applied layer by layer – just like the formation of the protective oyster shell – over the all-carbon fiber bodywork of the Vanquish S.

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