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Lincoln x Vogue – How to Be a Modern Gentleman

It’s no easy task being a modern gentleman – men are expected to be stylish, powerful, and kind with impeccable manners and a sense of humor to boot. Vogue Arabia teamed up with Lincoln to explore what makes a gentleman… a gentleman.

In this exclusive video produced by Vogue Arabia — featuring two of the top architecture and design talents in the region, Jafar Dajani and Tariq Khayyat — we reveal the new Lincoln Navigator and some of our top tips for what makes a gentleman.


In addition, here are some more decrees (handily grouped into categories) to help you navigate through the pitfalls of modern etiquette and manners.

A gentleman…

…Owns his own tuxedo, and at least three suits.

…Always removes his sunglasses when indoors.

…Never straightens another man’s tie — and knows the difference between a Windsor and half-Windsor knot.

…Never has more than two buttons undone on a shirt.

…Shops alone, and doesn’t take all day to do so.

…Has indigo blue jeans, with no rips or tears, and knows they’ll never go out of style.

A gentleman…

…Wears aftershave lightly.

…Understands that after the age of 30, the time for haircut experiments is over.

…Has a regular barber, and tips him well.

…Knows that unruly beards are best left to young baristas and hardy mountain climbers.

…Lets the woman have more space in the bathroom, and doesn’t ask what things are for.

A gentleman…

…Knows how to cook at least three things to perfection.

…Is neither the first, nor the last, to go home on a big night out.

…Plays music the majority will like. When in doubt: Motown.

…Doesn’t use “text” speak, even in text messages. Emojis? Very occasionally.

…Knows that nobody ever complained that the speech was too short.

…Can make a small child laugh.

A gentleman…

…Knows that indicating is not a sign of weakness.

…Let’s people in when they’re trying to merge into his lane.

…Never changes the music in another person’s car (without asking).

…Waits in line politely and never cuts someone off – both when driving and in life.

…Only uses the horn on his car to warn people, not hassle or hurry them.

The new generation Lincoln Navigator with 450 HP twin turbo engine marks the rebirth of the SUV as a luxury vehicle for the modern gentleman. Seven carefully-curated design themes – inspired by love of the arts, travel, fine food, culture, architecture, and fashion – comprise the Presidential collection, and the car trim and design features can be tailored to the personal tastes of a man who knows what he wants.

The 2018 Navigator arrives in the region in early 2018, and pre-bookings are now available in any Lincoln showroom.

Lincoln x Vogue

Production Team Credits:
Director and DOP: Peter Richweisz
Talents: Jafar Dajani, Tariq Khayyat
HMU: Marisol Steward
Styling: Celia Jane Ukwenya
Music: Dark Hip-Hop
Post Production: Desert Fish
Focus: Toyota
Lighting Assistants: Abdul
Branded Content Team: Diya Ajit, Iris Isik
Production Assistant: Sharmane Wilson

Styling Credits:

Jafar Dajani
Suit, shirt, tie, pocket square, shoes: Tom Ford
Glasses: Dior
Cufflinks: Hermès

Tariq Khayyat
Suit: Sandro
Shirt: Dior
Bow Tie: Dunhill
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

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