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The Sandracer 500 GT is Your Very Own Batmobile

Sandracer 500 GT

Sandracer 500 GT

We’ve all been there. You need to drive to the grocery store but would much rather take your Ferrari around the track, while at the same time there’s that little voice in your head telling to go dune bashing.

What to do? Step up Zarooq Motors, who claims to have solved this (admittedly unlikely) problem with its Sandracer 500 GT. The carmaker, which is based in the UAE and Monaco, says its two-seater 525 horsepower, 6.2 liter V8 engined supercar is equally at home on a school run as the Dakar Rally.

“All supercars look fantastic, feature luxurious racing-inspired interiors, and are exclusive high performance machines, but their common denominator is that they are suited to racetracks and certainly not designed for speed bumps,” says Mohammed Al Qadi, who founded Zarooq Motors with Iannis Mardell and Bruno and Laetitia Laffite.

“Zarooq makes supercars that you can take on a weekend track day or for a luxurious commute in the city, but also on any off-road terrain — even the toughest dunes of the Arabian Desert.”

We listened to our clients who wanted something more powerful with an even more radical design and a luxury interior

The Sandracer certainly looks like it can handle any terrain. And with a price tag of US $450,000, you would expect it to. With styling akin to the Batmobile, the car has been described as a cross between a BMW X6, Range Rover Evoque, and a desert racer.

Sandracer 500 GT

Sandracer 500 GT

But even if you have the cash, production is limited to a first edition of just 35 cars with delivery of the first models expected by the end of the year. “The first clients, both in the GCC and Europe, are mostly VIPs and car collectors,” said Laffite.

On the inside, the Sandracer’s fixtures and fittings are what you would expect in a high-end supercar. Zarooq spent 18 months poring over every detail of the car’s bodywork to create its brutal, aggressive look. “We listened to our clients who wanted something more powerful with an even more radical design and a luxury interior,” said Mardell.

Job done.

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