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These are The Best Fitness Apps for Working Out at Home

As we wave goodbye to our beloved gyms for the foreseeable, we round up the best fitness apps to help you stay motivated and moving at home.

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Running your idea of hell? Well now’s your chance to break out of your comfort zone (since you will be spending 23 hours of the day in it!). This is the best app – an oldie but a goodie – to get even the most reluctant of runners on track. Couch to 5k is a sustainable way to get into running as it breaks the sessions down into a nine-week course that will get you from that embarrassing shuffle (we’ve all been there) to confidently sustaining for a few minutes, then eventually running the whole yard – or the whole 5K. By taking on running a minute at a time you won’t peak too soon and you’ll be less likely to throw in the towel.  What’s special about this app is that is focuses on the positive physical and mental benefits of running and guides you every step of the way – literally.


Described by its advocates as the ‘genius’ home workout, this app intelligently provides the user with a digital personal trainer and training programme with the added bonus of covering nutrition – another hot topic during times of self-isolation. Designed to be personalized, this is a 360° approach to health and wellness that can be tailored to your strengths and weaknesses, schedule and preferences. This really is a bot that you’d be smart to introduce into your life.


Nike are one of the biggest advocates of the home workout right now and are providing all of the tools to help us make the most of it. This is an excellent app – functional and effective – it will get results if you’re ready to put the work in. Referred to as NTC for short, this community of experts and fellow workout enthusiasts also provides a much-needed network at this time. A range of tailorable workouts, nutrition advice and expert help will have you bouncing out of quarantine stronger and fitter than before.


This is the real deal. Straight-forward, no fluff workouts that give you results. Thousands of them in fact, that can be done at home. Shred also has one of the most active fitness communities online giving you the no-nonsense advice and motivation you need.


The classic fitness app – designed for using at home – is a simple plan that challenges users to complete a set number of squats and ab exercises every day, for 30 consecutive days.  Workout intensity increases over time, until day 30 when you will be tested for your overall performance. Let’s face it – we will all be sitting for longer than usual in the coming weeks, so add this app as a top-up onto your other workout schedule to focus on these areas. It’ll work almost every muscle in your lower body, with a focus on the quads, hamstrings, abs and glutes – burning fat, building muscle, to eventually boost your metabolism = winning.


This is the wildcard as strictly not an app, but it’s just such a good home workout resource that’s worth bending the rules for. Household name Joe Wicks (aka The Body Coach) has a veritable plethora of workouts, videos, and advice for novices and the most hardcore gym bro’s.  His speciality is the HIIT class – the hi-intensity work out that’s proven to shred best. The other bonus is that most of his workouts do not require any equipment and use your bodyweight only. They can also be done in the smallest of spaces (great for us apartment dwellers). We have to commend Wicks on his style too – he’s just a nice chap that gets you to do things that hurt. Quite a skill.

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