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8 of the Best Chefs to Follow on Instagram to Suit Every Taste

Fewer things are as equally exciting as they are envy-inducing than an Instagram feed full of mouth-watering dishes. We’ve rounded up some of the top Insta-chefs to fuel your culinary creativity and curb your perpetual cravings. This really is a case of watch and learn…

Andrew Rea aka Binging With Babish

Rae has some of the most impressive numbers on social media and is probably the biggest YouTube chef right now. He has managed to rack up five million followers in under five years with his back to basics approach to good, honest food. With a sink-full of tutorials and a ‘how-to’ series on recreating famous dishes, its easy to see why he’s a hit.

David Chang 

As celeb chefs go, Chang is certainly an a-lister. Having built a cool culinary empire around his Momofuku brand he’s proven himself to be talented and likable to boot. Throw in his own Netflix series “Ugly Delicious” and it’s no wonder foodies flock to his Instagram to get his cooking tips and a peek into his personal life.

Frank Prisinzano 

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The #GriciaMethod is live in my highlights as is the #PoachedEggMethod To be clear, #Gricia is NOT made with eggs this is just a brunch addition poking fun at the Carbonara Watch once straight through with the sound on Watch again and take notes Memorize the cadence Wing it on your own and make mistakes Repeat and try to flow this time Shift your weight from foot to foot Try and feel a rhythm within yourself Put some music on to help Close your eyes and memorize the station Practice the steps from item to item Cultivate clean moves Now forget them entirely Envision the flavors racing around the textures Taste, think, taste again Evaluate and repeat again #FlowWithIt #BeTheBall #DanceInPlace

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One of the Insta-food-pioneers, this pasta-loving rouge chef throws the rule – or should that be cookbook out of the window as does not believe in recipes. So if you like to experiment and like your food rustic but oh so delicious, this is your go-to-guy. No-nonsense cooking, and who doesn’t need a dose of that right now?

Jason Atherton

Critically acclaimed Michelin-starred British chef and serial restauranteur Atherton has taken to showcasing his fine-dining skills for the Everyman in his home kitchen during lockdown. If anyone can prove that gourmet bubble and squeak is a thing, he can. If you’re UAE-based you may have been lucky enough to sample his creations at chic dining spot Marina Social. So until they open their doors again, you can experiment with your contemporary cooking skills guided by his ‘gram.

Massimo Bottura 

Like Italian food? We dare you not to like this chef. An embodiment of when Michelin goes off-piste and has to cook at home, we see some of the best results come through. Follow his back catalog of #kitchenquarantine for delicious rustle-ups and be eternally satisfied.

Doug McNish

Instagram is probably the single best vegan-inspo resource and McNish is at the heart of it. He even has the word ‘vegan’ tattooed on his right forearm – now that’s dedication. He’s been cooking since the tender age of 15 and keen to pass the baton to the next-gen. Follow his account to become one of them.

Timothy Pakron aka The Mississippi Vegan 

Pakron is a vegan celebrant. His food is the most perfect incarnation of plant-based earthy goodness. He always manages to make it look irresistible with great food photography but his step by step approach makes recreating some of these beauties fairly easy to do at home too.

Eddie Garza

A key figure amongst the plant-based vanguard Garza does everything with a smile, and we love him for it. As well as being an exceptionally good chef, Garza is a leading figure in the movement to reform food systems and puts his own health journey out for all of his fans to see. And, jackfruit sliders? Don’t knock ’em ’til you’ve tried ’em.

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