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Tamer Hosny Reveals His Pre-Fame Struggles in Inspiring Message to Fans

Photo: Mazen Abusrour. Vogue Man Arabia, October 2017

Egyptian actor and singer Tamer Hosny recently took to social media to share an inspiring message with his fans about the struggles and challenges he faced pre-stardom.

The 45-year-old uploaded a lengthy post that detailed his life before becoming one of the most-loved stars in the Arab region and recalled how he had to do unusual jobs to support his single mother. The former Vogue Man Arabia cover star was born to Egyptian singer Hosni Sharif, who parted ways with Syrian wife Fatima Al Sabbagh when the singer was just seven, leaving Al Sabbagh to raise him and his older brother Hossam without any help. The artist also wrote about his experience working various jobs, including playing professional football, to support his family.

“I went to work in the streets from a petrol station worker to a supermarket and then an actor,” wrote Hosny. “When I was playing soccer, my salary was 22 (Egyptian) pounds per month, of which I spent on water and electricity and my brother’s operations because he was ill for a long time.”


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The ‘Yana Ya Mafish’ singer explained how he never gave up on his dreams and always kept the fire inside of him alive in order to either become a professional football player or singer throughout his youth. Hosny also shared how he followed “the signs” that eventually directed him towards a career in the arts. Hosny added that this post was specifically aimed at his younger fan base and urged them to stay the course and remain optimistic about the future.

“For those frustrated by others, remember that it is you listening to them and allowing them to affect you,” he wrote. “So don’t be the reason for hurting yourself. Positive people will find good things in this world, so don’t be a negative person.”

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