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5 Life Lessons to Learn From King Abdullah II of Jordan

King Abdullah II of Jordan

His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan. Photo: Instagram/@rhcjo

Known as “The Warrior King”, His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan has been ruling Jordan since 1999. Born in the Hashemite family as the first and eldest child of His Majesty King Hussein of Jordan and his second wife Princess Muna, King Abdullah was chosen by his father for succession only a fortnight before his death. The 43rd generation direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the King once said, “The Arab world is writing a new future; the pen is in our own hands.” Therefore, since his ascension to the throne, the beloved King has made great strides in taking Jordan forward and achieving big goals. He has been able to keep the people of his country safe while establishing harmonious relations with multiple superpowers.

Here are a few lessons we can all learn from King Abdullah II.

1. Cherish your homeland and its people

“Jordanians are my brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, and my extended family. Jordan is the most beautiful place in the world,” the King once said in an interview. His continuous efforts and positive approach in solving and tackling one issue at a time – all while loving his land, is one of the biggest reasons why the country has flourished and progressed in this world.

King Abdullah II of Jordan, Birthday


2. Unity is strength

The bombing of 2005 in Amman, Jordan was the first internal crisis event in King Abdullah II’s rule. There was a whiff of fear in the entire country’s air. “I will never forget that day. I felt a mixture of sadness and anger, and I had the sense that there was a grave threat facing our nation that requires our unity and readiness to fight it and counter any new challenges,” King Abdullah told the students of Yarmouk University.

King Abdullah II of Jordan, Birthday


3. You only live once, so go out and discover

Throughout his tenure, King Abdullah II has been very fond of discovering new places. “Throughout my military service, I visited every single area in Jordan, north to south and east to west. Each region is unique in its own way, and some areas are amongst the most beautiful in the entire world, but some people are unaware of them,” said the ruler. This explains that the King likes to live life to the fullest. Right after taking over the throne, one of the agendas on His Majesty’s list was to promote Jordan and show the whole world what the country has to offer. What’s more, in 2002, the King also participated in a documentary produced by Discovery Chanel where the team visited the most important tourist attractions like Wadi Rum and Mujib amongst others in the country.

King Abdullah II of Jordan, Birthday


4. Be honest to yourself and others

The King is said to appreciate honesty more than anything else. During an interview with students of Yarmouk University, he said,  “The character trait I like the most is honesty—being honest no matter the cost, and not just with others but also being honest with yourself. Jordanians are highly regarded abroad, and Jordan’s reputation goes far beyond its size and borders because Jordanians are honest wherever they are. The character trait I dislike is dishonesty and hypocrisy, which, to me, are cowardly traits that I cannot stand.”

5. Never take anything for granted

Before becoming the King of Jordan, His Majesty used to live a normal life. “I used to go out as I pleased and meet my friends more often. I had fewer concerns and responsibilities, but now I am responsible for my country and for my people. Back in those days, I used to lead a normal life just like any other citizen or father responsible for a small family,” said the King.

King Abdullah II of Jordan, Birthday


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