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Meet the Emirati Entrepreneur Managing This Celebrity-Loved Hotel in Dubai

Monther Darwish. Photo: Courtesy

Monther Darwish started his career almost 20 years ago and has since built his success across an array of industries. While his business efforts were originally UAE-focused, Darwish has big plans to expand his empire further afield. He attributes his success to venturing into any business striving to achieve a clear end result, proven by numbers.

Palazzo Versace Dubai is proof of this. At the hotel, everything from the property, to the service, and the small details speak for themselves while every corner reflects the true essence of the Versace brand. It is for this reason that the property remains a favorite among Dubai residents and international guests alike.

Palazzo Versace Dubai

Courtesy of Palazzo Versace Dubai

In 2017, Darwish transitioned from business partner to managing director at Palazzo Versace Dubai. His key to a successful business is to be present at every level. Having experienced working in different industries beforehand, hospitality always intrigued him and he quickly recognized its growing potential. As a businessman, he takes pride in connecting people from all over the world and offering them unparalleled experiences. To this end, the transition from business partner to managing director of Palazzo Versace Dubai was an instinctual reaction that Darwish felt needed to happen in order to take the hotel to the next level.

Needless to say, the hospitality industry was among the hardest hit by the pandemic. While February 2020 announced a promising year, March 2020 hit Darwish’s team like a hard wake up call. It was challenging to keep their doors open with only 5% occupancy.

Yet at the hotel, they have forsaken traditional methods. Starting last year, the team began integrating digital guest experiences, without neglecting the personalized service and tailored touch. During the pandemic, digital proved more relevant than ever and they were able to launch an e-commerce platform that allowed guests to experience Palazzo Versace Dubai in just a few clicks.

Palazzo Versace Dubai

Courtesy of Palazzo Versace Dubai

Darwish owes his success to his hard work, true discipline, and unwavering vision. In 2007, Darwish received the Young Business Leader of the Year award. Describing this experience as an immense honor he says, “Not only was it a pivotal moment in my career to receive such recognition, but it was also a great privilege to be recognized by the Sheikh himself, a businessman and leader I truly admire and look up to.”

His business portfolio spans several industries, including hospitality which has always been a passion for Darwish. He describes it as a natural “continuation of his business career”. As an adamant traveler and patron of hotels and F&B venues, the service industry has always been close to home for him. Being intrigued by its adaptable and dynamic nature, he dove headfirst into the industry with hopes of creating unmatched guest experiences and becoming a part of Dubai’s ever-changing hospitality scene.

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