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How Prince Harry Was Made Aware of Unconscious Racial Bias by Meghan Markle

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Duke and Duchess of Sussex

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Photo: Instagram/@sussexroyal

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are one of the most talked-about couples in the world. Known for their royal status, global influence, and honesty when talking about social issues, there is a lot to learn from the pair. However, alongside raising awareness on societal issues across the world, it seems the couple has been constantly learning from each other.

In a recent conversation with Black Lives Matter activist Patrick Hutchinson, for British GQ, celebrating Black History Month, Prince Harry revealed how his wife has opened his eyes to unconscious racial bias, an issue he previously wasn’t aware existed. Hutchinson has been an influential figure in the Black Lives Matter movement. The activist is the subject of perhaps one of the most powerful images this year, picturing him carrying an injured white counterprotester to safety during an anti-racism protest in London, in June; an act which saw Prince Harry hail him a “guardian angel”.

Prince Harry explained that due to his privileged “upbringing and education,” he has no idea that unconscious bias was such a prominent societal issue. “It’s when you can’t really point the fingers, especially when it comes to unconscious bias, but once you realize or feel a little bit uncomfortable then the onus is on you to go out and educate yourself because ignorance is no longer an excuse,” the British royal said in the conversation with Hutchinson. “Unconscious bias, from my understanding, having had the upbringing and education that I had, I had no idea what it was. I had no idea that it existed,” he added. “As sad as it is to say, it took me many, many years to realize it. Especially then living a day or a week in my wife’s shoes.”

Although the Duke of Sussex didn’t elaborate on the specific experiences that Markle has faced, he has shown much support to his wife, in the face of the alleged racist press coverage that she was frequently subject to in 2016; as well as the constant online abuse she faces. A statement was released, in November 2016, on behalf of the British Royal Family addressing the “wave of abuse and harassment” that had been directed towards Markle, where Prince Harry expressed his hope that those involved would “pause and reflect before any further damage is done”.

The Duke of Sussex and Duchess of Sussex announced earlier this year that they would be stepping down from their roles as senior members of the royal family, and have since dedicated their time to philanthropic duties and advocating for equality and social justice. Most recently the pair have launched the site for their non-profit organization Archewell, a name dedicated to their young son Archie Mountbatten-Windsor.

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