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Crown Prince Hussein Honored with Pre-Wedding Banquet and Bachelor Party


In the days leading up to the royal wedding of Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II of Jordan and Saudi national Rajwa Al Saif on June 1, 2023, Jordan has been abuzz with the excitement and celebration characteristic of such a historic event. Just a day before the wedding, photos shared with the public showed the prince looking more than excited to start this new chapter as he celebrates his upcoming nuptials with family, friends, and other notable individuals.


Prince Omar, son of Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein and the groom’s cousin, hosted a bachelor party at his house which was attended by both members of the family, and Prince Hussein’s battalion members from the Jordan Armed Forces. Surrounded by some of his closest male companions, the Prince was seen laughing and making conversation over tea and small bites just before he started to get ready for the pre-wedding dinner hosted by King Abdullah II later in the day. The prince emerged looking every bit the stately royal that he is known to be in traditional attire featuring the red Jordanian shemagh and a thobe under a bisht.

In line with local customs, the dinner hosted by King Abdullah at Madareb Bani Hashem was attended by over 4,000 Jordanians over Jordan’s festive national dish Mansaf – recently added to Unesco’s Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list, the delicacy is considered to be a symbol for Jordanian hospitality and camaraderie. A number of traditional performances and military acts marked the occasion before the King made a speech wishing his son immense happiness.  The groom was also gifted a Hashemite sword with a Quranic engraving which is reportedly a replica of the founding King Abdullah bin Al Hussein’s sword.


The event not only serves as a celebration of the upcoming royal wedding, but also honored the diverse social fabric of Jordan, showcasing the royal family’s respect for every segment of society. As such, attendees included members of the Royal Hashemite Family, representatives of the nation’s esteemed tribes, as well as Jordan’s Circassian and Chechen communities, members of civil society organizations, businesspersons, youth figures, former and current government officials, as well as personnel from the army and security agencies.

Taking to Instagram, Prince Hussein shared his gratitude towards everyone who attended. “There’s nothing more meaningful than to share your happiness with the people you love and who love you in return. Your family, childhood friends, and lifelong companions – those who have been by your side at each of life’s pivotal moments, who show up for you without ever waiting to be asked, simply because they are happy to make you happy,” he wrote. “My dear parents, cousins, loyal friends, brothers in arms, Jordanian youth, and each and every one of the men who joined us at Madareb Bani Hashem today: you are the lifeblood of our country. Thank you.”

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