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There’s a Super Blue Blood Moon in the Middle East Tonight

super moon

Super moon this evening.

The super moon rise this evening represents four separate lunar events happening on the same night. It’s the first time that has happened for over 150 years. NASA has billed it as a “super blue blood moon”.

The moon will rise this year in tandem as a blue moon, a super moon, a blood moon and will be topped off by a total lunar eclipse, which is what gives it a slightly red color. During a total lunar eclipse, because the moon is blocked by the earth from direct sunlight, the only light that illuminates the earth is that which is refracted through the earth’s atmosphere, giving it a red hue.

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Super moons occur when a full moon a coincides with the point in its orbit at which it’s nearest to Earth. This makes the moon appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual. At that time, according to, the moon will be 356,565 kilometers from Earth.

The moon will be best viewed in the UAE as it rises at around 6.06pm, and 6.11pm is the optimum time to view the red moon and the eclipse. As it will still be low in the sky at this point you’re best off finding a high vantage point or one with no obstructions.

The eclipse finishes at 7.11pm, so it won’t appear red after that, but will seem bigger than usual.

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