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5 Outdoor Adventures to Enjoy With Your Canine Friend Across the UAE

While you and your canine friend have both understood the importance of remaining vigilant and close to home over the past few months, you do miss the days when you could just get out there and chase the horizon together.

That innate sense of adventure may be getting a reprieve as restrictions start to ease across the UAE. So when you and your furry friend pull on a seat belt and head for wider pastures, where will you head first?

This list of five will give you plenty to chew over, but as always, remember to do the right thing, take plenty of bags to clean up so we are all able to continue to benefit from these fantastic, furry-friendly hang-outs.

The Pointe Beach, Palm Jumeirah

There were howls of approval as The Pointe Beach, Palm Jumeirah announced that rule-abiding dogs could come along with their humans.  The rules are simple:  stay on the lead, steer clear of the water, and bring waste bags. As an added bonus some of the restaurants at the Pointe also welcome dogs. Open 10am to 11pm daily.

Hatta Dam

This is UAE at its finest and your waggy tailed companion will have the time of their life.  Tackle a 4km hike over rocky terrain then, you can believe your eyes, the signs do say that dogs are allowed on certain boats in the dam. For endless Insta-moments and an unforgettable day out, head up to Hatta.

Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island Dog Island Adventure

Abu Dhabi boasts thriving mangrove eco-systems, and after gaining your sea legs at Hatta, you and your dog should head to Saadiyat Island, Abu Dhabi.  Meander through fascinating mangroves to a dog-friendly island for an afternoon of off-leash running, swimming, and playing with the pack.  Check out @kkashtaa for boat details.

Kite Beach Center, Sea Sports & Cafe, Umm Al Quwain

Transport yourself to the sun-kissed boho beach resorts people normally book a flight for with healthy food and relaxed vibes.  If they are used to it, your dogs can roam free and paddle in the sea while you chill under the dream catchers.  At the time of writing calling ahead to ensure a spot was required to meet the new Covid-19 prevention guidelines.

Wadi Wandering

We have fantastic dog walking terrain less than an hour drive from the city to the north, the south and the east, but the Wadis are extra special. Whether its Wadi Showka, Wadi Tayyibah, Wadi Al Helo or any of the others, do your research, find your level, allow yourself plenty of time, and take lots of water.  Even though there are plenty of cold pools to plunge in along the way.

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