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Be More Like Joe Biden: 9 UAE Rescue Centers to Adopt Dogs From

Joe, Jill and Champ Biden

Joe and Jill Biden with their German Shepard, Champ. Photo: Instagram/ @joebiden

Joe Biden‘s name has been ricocheting across the world this past week, as people everywhere react to the news of the US president-elect’s move to the White House early next year. Aside from his political achievements, Biden is set to bring many great things to his presidency, including the White House’s first rescue dog.

Joe Biden

President-elect Joe Biden with his rescue dog Major. Photo: Instagram/ @joebiden

As the President-elect and his wife Jill Biden prepare for their impending move to the most recognized home in the world, they will be bringing along their beloved dogs Champ and Major Biden. German Shepards Champ and Major will be the first dogs returning to the White House since Barack Obama’s presidency.

Champ has been a loyal companion to the Bidens since 2008, with Major, who Joe and Jill fostered and adopted from the Delaware Humane Society, joining the family in 2018. Major will be the first rescue dog to take residence in the White House. The German Shepard was fostered by the Bidens after being taken in by the Delaware Human Society. Major and the rest of the litter were taken in as a result of ingesting a poisonous substance, where they were later nursed back to health and a call was put out for families to foster the dogs, which the Bidens answered.“Dogs remind you to live in the present,” Biden has said. “They love unconditionally and they savor every moment with you. When I’m with Champ and Major, I get to live in the ‘now’ for a moment with them, enjoy the simple act of throwing a ball around, or taking a walk.”


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No ruff days on the trail when I have some Major motivation.

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Adopting dogs is now more important than ever, given that under the rules of quarantine, many of us have longed for a canine best friend to brighten up our days. The ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ campaign encourages people to adopt dogs from shelter or rescues, as opposed to purchasing a dog from a breeder. Many shelters don’t have enough room to accommodate the large number of rescue dogs brought to them, resulting in many adoptable dogs being euthanized if they cannot be re-homed. Therefore, each time an animal is adopted, it opens up space in the shelter for another dog to be cared for.

So, if you’re looking to fill your home with that canine companionship, take a look at our round-up of the local shelters and rescue centers across the country.

K9 FriendsK9 Friends is based in Dubai and provides shelter for abandoned and stray dogs while striving to find them a loving new home. If you are unable to commit to fostering or adopting a dog, K9 Friends offers the option for you to sponsor a dog, or taking a dog for a much-loved walk.

Moon Puppies: Moon Puppies is an adoption center based in Dubai that offers residents the chance to adopt and foster some of the most adorable pets in the region, who need a loving new home.

Stray Dogs CenterStray Dogs Center, located in Umm Al Quawain, is recognized as the first and oldest center to rescue dogs. The registered non-profit organization is on a mission to help abused and abandoned dogs in the UAE find safety and love in a new home.

Animals and UsAnimals and Us is a registered non-profit rescue shelter in Fujairah. Founded in 2006, the shelter looks after many handsome dogs who would be the perfect addition to a family.

Amanda’s Animal RescueAmanda’s Animal Rescue UAE is a rescue shelter located in Sharjah. It focuses on rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing some of the most wonderful animals in the emirates.

Al Mayya K9Al Mayya K9 is a rescue organization based in Fujairah, providing the re-homing of rescue dogs worldwide.

38 Smiles: 38 Smiles is a non-profit organization based in Dubai. Since being found in 2011, 38 Smiles has found countless loving homes for rescue animals wishing to find their forever home.

The Woof House: Launched in 2015, the Woof House encourages people to come and relax and interact with their rescue dogs whilst enjoying a coffee, with loving dogs available for adoption.

Abu Dhabi Animal ShelterThe Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter was established in 2010 and has been providing loving new homes to stray dogs for the last decade.

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