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Print These eL Seed Coloring Book Murals to Get Creative at Home

eL Seed

eL Seed. Courtesy

Renowned French-Tunisian street artist eL Seed has released a digital coloring book with images of his iconic murals for you to print out, and get creative with at home.

The striking calligraphic graffiti murals that bear his distinctive signature style have transformed public places around the world to critical acclaim. His public work spans four continents, including murals located on the streets of Paris, rooftops in Brazilian favelas, minarets of mosques in Tunisia, and facades of buildings in Beirut. He even recently created a bespoke design for the May issue cover of Vogue Arabia.

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UNITED. It is with an illustrated cover by El Seed that we announce the theme of our April issue. In this uncertain period, while we feel more physically isolated than ever, Vogue Arabia highlights the importance of union and fraternity, focusing on stories of hope and love during times of quarantine. The issue is also dedicated to remarkable individuals, who succeeded against the odds, and inspire us with their achievements. Arab doctors fighting against Covid-19, immigrants who made it big, and sustainability warriors… Let’s celebrate humanity! Cover 1 of 2. #VogueArabia #ElSeed #StayHome #Connected #united متّحدون. من خلال هذا الغلاف الذي يحمل لوحة فنيّة بريشة الخطّاط إل سيد، نضع بين أيديكم موضوع عددنا لشهر أبريل. ففي هذا الوقت العصيب الذي يتملكنا فيه شعور بالعزلة وعدم لقاء بعضنا البعض وجهاً لوجه، تبرز ڤوغ العربية أهمية الوحدة والإخاء عبر تسليط الضوء على قصص الأمل والحب خلال أوقات الحجر الصحي. ونفرد هذا العدد أيضاً للحديث عن الشخصيات البارزة التي نجحت رغم جميع الصعاب وألهمتنا بما تحققه من إنجازات، مثل الأطباء الذين يحاربون فيروس كورونا "كوفيد 19"، والمهاجرين الذين استطاعوا تحقيق نجاحات باهرة خارج أوطانهم، والمناضلين في سبيل الاستدامة… هيا بنا جميعاً نحتفي بالإنسانية! الغلاف الأول من غلافيّ العدد. #ڤوغ_العربية #إل_سيد #خلك_في_البيت #متحدون Editor-in-chief: @mrarnaut | Calligraphy: @elseed | Art Director: @donna_the_artdirector

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The book includes the images of his public art projects mirrored by sketched versions for you to fill in and get as creative with as you like. Featured works for you to put your personal stamp on include The Words of Gabriela, which he created in Rio de Janeiro back in 2014, a colorful mural in Cape Town featuring a powerful quote by Nelson Mandela — “It always seems impossible, until is it done” — and one of his more intricate pieces which he created in London bearing John Locke’s words, “It is one thing to show a man that he is in an error, and another to put him in possession of the truth.”

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Fernanda lives in a small neighbourhood of Santo Cristo in Rio De Janeiro. When I arrived in front of her house in 2014, she had no idea of the kind of art I did, nor what I planned to put on the façade of her building. My hosts in Brazil had arranged everything for me to start painting. Fernanda welcomed me in her native language. The only words of Portuguese that I spoke were those I had learned beforehand: “Bom dia, obrigado pela parede!” (“Hello, thank you for the wall”), I said. My friend @hellomynameisthunder was facilitating the interaction by translating the conversation. She explained that I used Arabic calligraphy as my main medium and that I would be painting some words of a poem by the Brazilian poet Gabriela Torres Barbosa. They forget how to love, How to love their country. Detached from the respect That they will owe it forever. They never see you, Country of the black, Country of the poor, Excluded from everything. I started tracing the words into curling shapes. After a while, I took a break and Fernanda told me she was familiar with the calligraphic forms that were taking shape on her wall. She invited me to follow her into her house, explaining to me that she used to work for a movie production company and that she kept a framed piece of Arabic calligraphy in her house for 20 years. She showed me a framed verse from the Quran which stood on a shelf on top of lace embroidery. It was the words of Ayat Al Kursi or The Throne verse, which is believed to grant both spiritual and physical protection to those who recite it. Surprised, I picked up the frame and I read it in Arabic, trying to give her the meaning. I explained to her that it is often recited by Muslims before setting out on a journey or before going to sleep. She smiled and nodded: “So,” she said. “I have been protected by this for 20 years.” #elseedinho #elseed #brazil #artisapretext

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eL Seed posted on his Instagram about the launch of the free book saying: “I am happy to share with you a coloring book with some of the murals I painted around the world. You just have to print it. I hope you enjoy it and please share with me how you interpret my calligraphy.”

Download eL Seed’s coloring book at

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