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Exclusive: Fernando Alonso on His New Role in Fashion, Advice for Young Drivers, and Racing in Abu Dhabi

Photo: Courtesy of Boss

Two-time F1 World Champion Fernando Alonso is currently at the end of an enduring 21st season of his career, and looking forward to a 22nd. Beginning his first with Aston Martin Racing earlier this year, the Spaniard went on a streak of podiums to the delight of his longtime fans, while going on to gain new ones.

Off the track, Alonso is loved for his work in supporting up-and-coming drivers as founder of A14 Management, his playful personality—which is particularly perceptible on his TikTok account with 1.6 million followers, and as the newly named brand ambassador of Boss, which is the official fashion partner of his team.

Ahead of the 2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Vogue Man Arabia caught up with Fernando Alonso to learn more about the driver, what fashion means to him, and the best part about racing in the UAE. 

Photo: Courtesy of Boss

Your first season with Aston Martin has been remarkable. What stands out to you the most looking back?
It’s been an incredible season and I’m happy with the performances. The eight podiums obviously stand out as highlights with Bahrain, Canada, Monaco, and Brazil probably my best races so far this year.

With two World Championship titles and 21 seasons under your belt, what keeps you motivated to compete at such a high level?
I love racing. I started in Go Karts from a very young age at just three years old. I have tried lots of different racing categories since and have enjoyed my experiences in all of them. I feel fit, fresh, and motivated to continue racing.

You are also known for your incredible work with up-and-coming drivers. What advice would you give to aspiring racers?
I would say to be prepared and work hard at improving in all areas. You have to be able to work well with lots of different people in racing, from engineers, mechanics and the media too. It’s important to try and enjoy your time racing. It goes quickly and if I look back on my career so far I would have liked to enjoy the good moments and memories more.

Photo: Courtesy of Boss

What is your dream track to race on?
There are lots, but my favorite is still Suzuka in Japan. It’s a great mix of challenging corners and it’s a real racer’s track.

What’s the best part about racing in Abu Dhabi?
It’s now usually the host to the final Grand Prix of the season so it has an end-of-year feeling. It’s a long season with over 20 races so you can see the finish line is near when we get to Abu Dhabi. I love the weather here too and it’s a great venue for the fans.

From stylish drivers to new partnerships, the worlds of fashion and F1 have never been closer. How would you describe your personal style?
It’s true these worlds of fashion and F1 are much closer now than they were in the past. This seems to be the case in sports in general. I wouldn’t say I have a personal style so much, but I like to look good while also feeling comfortable and this is vital coming to the track and working in the paddock when we do long hours.

How does Boss as a fashion brand reflect your own personal style? What do you like about Boss clothing?
I’ve long been a fan of Boss and I was thrilled to take on this role as an ambassador within the larger scope of their sponsorship of the Aston Martin F1 TM Team, working closely with the brand and representing what it means to be a true Boss – both on and off the racetrack.

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