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Where Top Dubai Chefs Like To Eat… One Place Was a Clear Favorite

Dubai Chefs

Bobby Griffing, CATCH Dubai.

Who better to give you a few tips on where to eat than some of the best chefs in the city? We asked 20 chefs to tell us their favorite place to eat in Dubai (excluding their own restaurant, of course) and there was one place that stood out.

And you probably wouldn’t guess where.

Scott Price, Chef Patron, Folly by Nick & Scott
I live in the Marina and there is a little French place called Bistro Des Arts serving simple classic French cuisine but with excellent service and execution. It’s very friendly and their outdoor terrace is a nice place to sit and relax and enjoy the atmosphere with a drink.

Daniele Marcellini – Chef de cuisine Bussola, The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi
My favorite restaurant is Tagine at the One and Only Royal Mirage – which in my opinion is the best Moroccan restaurant in town.

Eka Mochamad, Chef De Cuisine at At.mosphere Burj Khalifa
Ossiano at Atlantis The Palm is my favorite restaurant in Dubai. For a food lover and as a chef, the food is amazingly unique – the way they serve it, the combinations and flavors are outstanding – one of the best in Dubai.

Nick Alvis, Chef Patron, Folly by Nick & Scott
Galvin’s brasserie is a great addition to Dubai’s dining scene – I like neighborhood type places. It’s serves French cuisine and after living, working and spending a lot of my time in and around Paris it’s very nostalgic.

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Prashant Chipkar, head chef at Masti
Coya is my favorite restaurants in Dubai. They use quality ingredients which make for a very well balance menu offering. I enjoy a lot their dishes, but for me the ceviche selection really stands out, in particular I would recommend the red snapper with truffle ponzu. The service is excellent and the atmosphere is always lively, overall a great dining experience.

Dubai Chefs

Coya Dubai.

Ryan Harris, Executive Pastry Chef at Demoiselle by Galvin
Nobu at Atlantis, The Palm. It’s one of those restaurants that you can go to any location around the world, the food and execution is the same. Chef Nobu has such high standards of cooking and guest experience, it always warrants a return visit. Miso Marinated Black Cod is my favourite. Its cooked to perfection, every ingredient compliments the flavors and textures of the Black Cod.

Oscar Bigorda, Executive Chef at Toro + Ko
I love LIMA Dubai, chef Diego Vargas is an amazing chef. Who else do you know that cooks with potatoes that are grown at 5,000 meters above sea level? It’s fun, it’s relaxed, it’s a culinary journey, it’s serious with a dash “just enjoy yourself”. In Dubai there are few Peruvian options but LIMA for me offers the most authenticity whilst still pushing boundaries. Try the catch of the day ceviche with red onions, cancha corn, sweet potato and traditional tiger’s milk. Love this dish for the authenticity, freshness and flavors of the ingredients speak for themselves.

Jitin Joshi, Executive Chef Taj Dubai
Din Tai Fung in Mall of the Emirates. Delicious and tasty, and a nice buzz, no fuss eatery. I love the Xia long bao and the kan kong, both are delicious and healthy

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Bobby Griffing, CATCH Dubai
Not sure it’s where, but more what. At the moment I’m noodle crazy and there is new place in D3 called Yui which I am liking at the moment. At Catch, I’ve been playing around with Pho (Vietnamese noodles) so on my days off, something I am doing is looking for good places that make noodles.

Cesar Bartolini, Chef de Cuisine at Bread Street Kitchen & Bar
Zuma in DIFC. They have a great bar with cool cocktails, atmosphere is always lively and fun. They have great fresh ingredients and cool dishes. The salmon and tuna tartare with Oscietra caviar is my all-time favorite from there. The dish itself is quite simple but beautifully presented and well-balanced with the sweetness from the fish and saltiness from the caviar containing the right amount of acidity. The crackers that come with it are also spot on.

Dubai Chefs

Zuma Dubai.

Diego Solis, Chef de Cuisine, J&G Steakhouse at The St. Regis Dubai
Tortuga at Madinat Jumeirah. Paired with the spectacular ambiance, gorgeous architecture and breathtaking views, Tortuga’s Guacamole holds a special place in my heart. From all over Dubai, Tortuga has been the closest match to my mom’s guacamole that I grew up eating. It is always promises an exceptional dining experience, whether I go with friends or family – the diverse menu and dishes never disappoint.

Monserrato Marini, Executive Chef at Scalini Dubai
As an Italian chef, I enjoy trying different cuisine when I go out. I love seafood, and Novikov has one of the best selections I have seen in Dubai. The fresh seafood market allows you to hand select your dish and have it cooked exactly to your preference. I also recommend trying the scallop and black truffle sashimi, which just melts in your mouth; and the black cod – a pan-Asian favourite that Novikov just gets right.

Stephane Cedelle, executive chef at Bistro des Arts and Publique Dubai
Tolosa restaurant in Souk Al Bahar Downtown. The restaurant is small, cozy and has a real French feel to it.
The service is impeccable and personal like every small French restaurants back home. The food is authentic, simple yet very tasty, well presented and good value for money. My favorites dishes are the beef tartare, prepared at your table and the chocolate moelleux, the GM’s grandmother’s recipe… rich, soft and indulgent.

Raymond Wong, Chef de Cuisine at Seafire Steakhouse
Wox, Asian restaurant located in the atrium garden of Grand Hyatt Dubai. It represents an authentic Asian noodle house reminiscent of hawker stands in Southeast Asia and serves flavorful Asian dishes from Cambodian, Vietnamese, Singaporean and Chinese delicacies in a contemporary, vibrant, and fast-paced environment. I enjoy that the food is cooked to order and made from the freshest produce. The kitchen is also in the center of the restaurant so having the interaction of the chef is great.

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Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Executive chef at El Sur
Garden, the Peruvian restaurant in JW Marriott Marquis. It is so close to the authenticity of this South American cuisine with balanced flavors, nice ambience and great service.


But of all the places in Dubai, there was one that top chefs in the city loved significantly more than anywhere else… 3Fils.

Dubai Chefs

3Fils Dubai

Diego Vargas, Head Chef, LIMA Dubai
I love 3Fils. It’s small and cozy restaurant with soul and friendly service. My favorite dish is the yellowtail tiradito, dragon sushi, spicy tuna – the flavor and combination is amazing and well balanced

Luigi Vespero, Executive Chef at Galvin Dubai
3Fils is cosy, quirky, casual and relaxed. The typical chef’s dream, 30-40 covers restaurant where you can change the menu as and when you wish. The best thing to do is to sit on the stools by the kitchen and let the chef cook something special just for you. But I do very much enjoy their Crispy Eel Sushi, it’s a delicious option that ticks all the right boxes when it comes to flavorful sushi.

Colin Clague, Executive Chef at Ruya Restaurant
3Fils restaurant at the fishing harbor in Jumeirah. The restaurant has a really picturesque setting in the fishing harbor, nice and cozy, there are just four chairs at the counter and maybe thirty in the restaurant so there is always a good atmosphere. Chef Akmal’s Asian inspired dishes are always beautifully presented and tasty, small tasting plates so you can try more. My personal favorites include the sushi rolls and the beef, beautifully seasoned with the right amount of kick.

Benjamin Wan, Executive Chef, COYA Middle East 
3Fils in Jumeirah. This small restaurant in the fishing harbor is a restaurant I can honestly say I really love.I have been here more than 20 times, three times a week on a few occasions, mostly bringing the guys from work.A heavily Asian influenced menu created by Chef Akmal, I have tried everything on the menu and it all looks and tastes incredible. It’s not uncommon for me to order 3 portions of Otoro Nigiri for myself every time I go. Sitting on the counter watching the chef’s preparing the food is always inspiring.

Luigi Margoni, executive chef at Larte D3
Since arriving in Dubai I’ve tried many restaurants and my current favorite is 3Fils on Jumeirah Beach Road. The combination of serving an excellent variety of the food amidst a casual setting much like the atmosphere we strive to create at LARTE D3. I like to dine at places where simple, well-presented food is complemented by genuine hospitality and the staff treat you like they know you.

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