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A Modern Day Gentleman’s Guide to Transforming Your Home with Cool Gadgets

As the master of your own domain ahead of 2020, there’s no better time for a living space makeover. Creating a home where daily chores are made easier and leisure is enhanced by way of technology is many a modern day gentleman’s prerogative; so draw on inspiration from these electrical innovations and pimp out your pad in style.

Puppy Cube portable projector

A dog can certainly be a man’s best friend, especially when he is a powered-up super box. The Puppy Cube is a genius portable projector that turns any flat surface into an interactive touchscreen and entertainment system. This nifty cube has a built-in Android OS and a custom UI, 5 MP camera, bi-directional microphone, dual 5W speakers, and a 10-point multitouch technology that works on all surfaces – say hello to making dinner with step-by-step videos on the kitchen cupboard, browsing Vogue Man while taking a bath and more. With no need to wipe your fingers, this really is the future of bachelor entertainment.

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RoboVac 30C robot vaccum

Why do your own cleaning when you can just tell a robot to do it for you? Eufy’s new RoboVac 30 C is Wi-Fi, Alexa, and Google Assistant compatible which means all you have to do is say your command, sit back and wait for wonderfully clean hard or carpeted floors. This version is slimmer and stronger, which is perfect for hard to reach areas such as under sofas, cupboards, and beds, and has a 1500Pa suction power to remove deep dust for up to 100 minutes. You can also set a time for the magic to happen while you’re out, and block areas you don’t want to be cleaned.

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Echo smart wall clock
Finally, a smart clock that isn’t on your phone. This staple wall item has a chic and minimalist style, with extra functions to make life easier for the man on the go. Sync this up to Alexa, and set timers to get lighted countdowns for your eggs, workout, or laundry. No need to worry about adjusting the time when you change battery – it automatically adjusts itself. The Echo Wall Clock features a smooth 25cm diameter white bezel design and keyhole wall mount for easy installation.

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Tefal IXEO all-in-one iron and steamer

Tefal really has thought of everything when it comes to this brilliant all-in-one iron and garment steamer. It has 1600W of power and five bars of steam, and is one of the fastest tools for crease removal we’ve ever seen – suitable for all kinds of fabrics from delicates to denim. The integrated smart board can be positioned three ways; upright steaming, classic ironing, and at a 30° angle, which comes in handy for bigger items such as bed sheets (if you’re the type to iron bed sheets!). In addition the steamer can be removed and carried around the house and a hefty 1L removable tank means less interruption to refill water. Finally the whole thing can be folded vertically and discreetly stored within your cupboards.

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Sobro smart table

The days of a coffee table simply having one function are soon to be long gone, thanks to Sobro’s smart table. It has a built-in cooler drawer which holds up to 32 cans of your chosen beverage, Bluetooth speakers on each side of the table for enhanced sound and bass, and motion-sensor under table lighting. The tempered class table is strong and has a touch control panel for seamless control (without apps), and there are even USB charging ports, just in case you want to plug in more tech.

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Devialet Phantom Reactor speaker

This tiny gadget has a mighty surprise – it’s as loud as a nightclub speaker. At less than 22cm long and under 17cm tall, it is small enough to hold in one hand. You can therefore enjoy crisp and powerful sound with ease in any part of your apartment. The Reactor lets you experience music as it should be heard; with zero distortion, saturation or background noise.

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Nomad Base Station Hub charger

Let’s face it, charging one item at a time, let alone with wires, is so last decade. Nomad’s Base Station Hub charger integrates a sleek, modern walnut design with fast wireless charging technology for up to two items a time – whether that’s two smart phones, or a mix of phone and AirPod, your devices will be powered up in no time in the most stylish way possible.

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Solight SolarPuff portable compact solar lantern

The SolarPuff is the first-of-its-kind collapsible, pop-open, solar powered light which is made from recyclable sail cloth that’s UV coated and durable for extreme weather. It’s the perfect little companion out on the balcony, by the pool (its waterproof) or simply to add mood to your apartment. Alternatively you can take it out – it’s the lightest solar lantern on the market – for portable light wherever your journey takes you. Best of all by using it you’re doing your part for our environment. Simply leave it on your windowsill to charge – it’s as easy as that.

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